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Serial monogamy vs polyamory dating


Having your cake and eating it too. Is it just me or is everyone talking about non-monogamy? As the proud purveyor of numerous lost monogamous lovers I am "Serial monogamy vs polyamory dating" a gal who likes to hunker down and settle in no matter what the cost.

I love to love. I love to be in love. I love to be defined by my love. That is why non-monogamy seemed so scary to me when it first became a part of my dating topography last fall when I moved to New York City.

How was I supposed to define something that boasts a lack of definition in its very name? But as a love-explorer I decided it was my job to sail this sea and scour the rocky shores and uncharted territories of non-monogamy to find out if it really can be as good as it seems. As this movement evolves advocates are trying to move away from using the term monogamous as it implies that monogamy is a norm and anything else is a deviation. But as I am not trying to take a stance politically on the subject, simply educate and inform, I will be using the term ethical non-monogamy ENM Serial monogamy vs polyamory dating this piece.

Some schools of thought define polyamory as inclusive of all sexual relationships other than monogamy. Others restrict it to committed love relationships thereby excluding swinging, casual sexual contact, and other forms of intimacy.

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