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Schuberth c3 motorcycle helmet review uk dating


It also has the most effective noise control system we have experienced in any flip-up or full-face, for that matter helmet. This means things can change dramatically, with something as minor as a jacket collar making a big difference.

And I can tell you this: But this C3 in size XL is still very light at grams. This is only grams 3. The silver paint looks identical and the fittings are the same quality. And since it does meet the same ECE The overall quality is excellent. The chin vent and top vent work smartly and the liner is very comfortable more about the fit in a minute.

Everything fits nicely, everything operates smoothly including the rotating visor and the helmet seems Schuberth c3 motorcycle helmet review uk dating made, with the exception of the gasket surrounding the bottom of the helmet and the robust chin curtain that fits into the bottom of the chin bar. I recommend not holding the C3 by the chin bar though, because of the special chin curtain again, more on this in a minute.

See the ratings descriptions in the summary table at the end of this page.

You know — the shape that will work for the MMy head measures I usually opt for the XL to relieve some of the pressure on my temporomandibular joint, but this usually has the effect of making the rest of the helmet feel slightly too loose. Such is the case here, but in typical flip-up fashion, as soon as the rotating visor is snapped shut and the chin strap is secured, everything snuzzles up pretty nicely.

The smallest size that fits comfortably is usually the safest. There are two large holes molded into the crush liner that are supposed to meet up with corresponding holes in the helmet shell for ventilation. The helmet has dual chin curtains, which consist of large, thick padded material extending about 60 mm from the back of the chin bar. The combination of the dual chin curtains and the neck curtain, which were piloted on the SCHUBERTH S1, combine to block much of the air that usually flows up underneath a motorcycle helmet and causes turbulence, which in turn causes noise.

Another benefit of the Schuberth c3 motorcycle helmet review uk dating sealing is that it allows the vents to do their job without back pressure from upward-flowing air. Our feeling is that this positive internal air pressure from underneath spoils the functionality of most vents. This can easily be demonstrated by attaching one of the helmet wind blockers like the Windjammer we reviewed that fit around the bottom of a full-face helmet, which are designed to block cold air and turbulence.

As I mentioned above, the efficiency of the top vent on this example may be hampered by the slight misfit of the shell vent holes with the corresponding holes in the helmet crush liner. The liner has two fold-down flaps inside that can be arranged to cover the internal top vent holes in winter to prevent cold air from leaking through. And by the way: Overall, the helmet seems to seal up pretty well, so although no helmet is perfectly waterproof, the C3 should prove to be better than the average flip-up in this regard.

The weight is nicely balanced though and the smooth shape also helps keep things feeling orderly in Schuberth c3 motorcycle helmet review uk dating types of wind conditions. Note also that the helmet shell is large enough and tall enough that the bottom edges and the chin and neck curtains can interfere with certain types of thick winter jackets with higher than average necks.

It pays to give the visor a good, strong push to make sure it seals correctly. The visor has a detent at the uppermost position that holds it open.

The button to release the rotating visor is located under the center of the chin bar. The clear visor or face shield has excellent optical qualities. I measured it at a relatively thick 2. It is very easy to remove by pushing the levers forward on both sides of the helmet simultaneously, which then allow the visor to be rotated all the way back, where it pops Schuberth c3 motorcycle helmet review uk dating of the side holders.

To replace it, simply push both sides back in and rotate forward. This is illustrated in the video below. The face shield has 7 detents, with the first two or three feeling weak but the remainder feel stiff. The visor has lifting tabs on both the right and left side. This time, it rotates via a slider switch on the lower left edge of the helmet, at the bottom of the helmet shell.

The visor rotates very smoothly and almost too easily; it would have been better if SCHUBERTH put a detent at one end to keep the slider in place when the visor is rotated back up into Schuberth c3 motorcycle helmet review uk dating helmet, because the visor on this helmet does slip down occasionally when I hit certain types of bumps in the road.

The horizontal visibility of the eye port is excellent; I can not see either side of the helmet in my peripheral vision. Vertical visibility is average to above average.

I can see half the instruments on the GT at the lower edge, which is very good, but the thick helmet shell makes the top part of the helmet and padding protrude slightly into my line of sight.

"SCHUBERTH C3 motorcycle helmet review....

First, SCHUBERTH has done an outstanding job in both the aerodynamics and noise control with the dual chin curtains and neck curtain; the fit and construction of the liner; and the smooth, narrow and tight-fitting gaps between the rotating visor and the helmet shell.

Pay attention to the details and work on that neck roll area, which is the leading cause of helmet noise, and you should be able to get the same results. The C3 uses a European style chin strap buckle. The chin curtains on either side attach via a section of hook-and-loop in the center that also forms the Schuberth c3 motorcycle helmet review uk dating underneath the chin strap.

This makes the chin strap thicker than most, which can cause some interference with thick winter jacket neck lines. Comfortable to wear and the airflow is excellent. It was a little tricky to separate the inner liner from the shell in order to install the base plate, but with patience and a spoon, I met Schuberth c3 motorcycle helmet review uk dating eventual success.

You have to mount the base plate pretty far back, because it has to go in behind the sliding lever that operates the tinted internal visor. Having said that, the boom mike is long enough that it I could still position the microphone in front of my mouth.

I have tinnitus in one of my ears, so the quietness of this helmet justified the additional cost for me. I was going from Norway to Italy and wanted a decent helmet.

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Comfort and venting was good, but I regret not testing it in rain before I left. Drops form on the Schuberth c3 motorcycle helmet review uk dating of the visor, and I literally get drops splashing in my face. Probably because the sealing gasket is much thicker. I first noticed it going through Sweden. However, this has a side effect: After some time, it gets white-ish and matte, on both sides. As if it has fine, white, sticky powder on it.

Your sight gets somewhat milky. It can be washed off, but the sun visor is not as easily to remove and put back as the main visor. I read your write-up which seemed very thorough and objective. I am curious about the number of issues and complaints, and if you have any idea if any of them ever even reach the manufacturer.

And if so, what kind of response they get.

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