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Old people burning jon lajoie dating


I have been able to sing this song in its entirety for over 10 years. It's become increasingly awkward in past years, since less people know it and laugh and most people now think I am a horrendous misogynist.

I am just a regular everyday normal guy I got dollars In the bank Mother Fucka I am just a regular everyday normal guy And my sexual performances are average. Speaking as someone who knows a thing or two about music, this guy understands it on a emotional level. He's really rather good.

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Jon Lajoie produces really good alternative -folk music under the name Wolfie's Just Fine. Sometimes I still randomly shout "Women are stupid and I don't respect them. That's right, I just have Sex with them" in class.

We've been repeating it for hours and then I find this at 89 on my front page. I came to school and was petrified of getting in trouble, but nothing happened.


Maybe a more appropriate line today would be "I'm several thousand dollars in debt without a viable career path mother fucka". I was really surprised to find out he was talented, he did such a great imitation of being total garbage on Show Me Your Genitals.

Everyday Normal Guy just feels like perfection hearing it now. Thank you for that.

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Actually women are good for four things, cooking, cleaning, their vaginas, and their sisters vaginas. It's probably just the women he knows that he expected it from, it's unlikely that he thought women were incapable of understanding humour. People get mad when I'm waking around saying "Women are stupid and I don't respect them".

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A woman first brought it to my attention and I was surprised since it's a parody of misogyny. I didn't expect any women to really find it funny.