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Miley and mike will made it dating


There's been a lot of talk about Miley Cyrus ' nakedness lately, which makes sense, but there's also been a lot of unfounded chatter about the "Wrecking Ball" singer's love life. He's worked closely with the year-old on her Bangerz album—he's even featured in her newly-released "23" music video —so, understandably, there are lots of pics floating around of these two together.

Made It attended a party at a mutual friend's house in L. Miley, not wanting to feed into any Miley and mike will made it dating, attempted to hide in the backseat, but as you can see in this X17 Online picture, the paparazzi still caught her on film. Miley poses naked on Rolling Stone. Miley and Mike also were spotted hugging over the weekend after the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas, which further fueled speculation that the two were hooking up.

To be fair, friends do hug, and if we're going to get technical, Miley looked really close with a costumed red furry creatureand she also seemed to be quite a fan of Don the monkey. But, y'all, let's not get worked up over nothing.

A source close to Miley tells E! News she and Mike are "just friends. As well, Miley herself hashtagged just a day ago, "only lames twist words. Nowif Miley and Mike Will Made It were dating, she probably wouldn't have photos from the past several months of the pair smiling and taking close and cozy photos side by side. She did only announce her and Liam were no longer engaged on Sept.

There's been a lot of...

It should also be noted that Miley's shared countless pictures of herself with Pharrell and all of the guys she's worked with on her new album. Miley mentors Justin Bieber. Bestie does not equal boo. Anyone beyond the age of 11 knows that!

Finally, if you were working with your girlfriend, would you encourage and promote seminaked, twerktastic performances like what Miley's been doing as of late? So, until she tells us otherwise or twerks a message in Morse code, let's let Miley keep being Miley and trust she'll talk when she's ready.

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