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Which of the following provides evidence that has helped earth scientists determine the age of the earth more precisely?

Which of the following is an important part of scientific methods? Why study earth science? Inan individual calculated that the earth was about 6, years old. Scientists now think the earth is much older.

Scientists agree with the estimate from Mountains are part of which earth sphere? According to the ideas of William Smith, which rock layers are the same age? What does the hydrosphere include?

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What is the cryosphere? How can the geosphere affect the atmosphere? A major concern about increasing global temperatures is that a large portion of polar ice could detach and melt into the ocean.

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If this happened, which two spheres would interact? Which scientist developed a new model of planetary motion? Demonstrate in a brief paragraph how the search to explain planetary orbits exemplifies the scientific method and the use of models.


Observations, Hypothesis, Experiment, Analysis, Conclusion. So you can talk about how scientists and astronomers over the years have noticed fairly circular patterns with regards to the orbital paths of the planets. They then made the assumption that planets have circular orbital paths based on their observations. Within this experiment, they included models of possible planetary orbits to observe and analyze, because you obviously can't take a meterstick with you to space and measure planetary orbits that way an example.

They analyzed their experiments to see if they supported their hypothesis, and drew a conclusion or concocted a revised hypothesis based on their data and calculations. Most of that paragraph was really generic and off the top of my head, but that's the thought process you would use to answer question He left blank spaces in the periodic table in the correct grouping and period that is where the newly discovered elements were placed.

In chemistry and physics, the atomic number also known as the proton number is the number of protons found in the nucleus Clasificacion de las rocas yahoo dating an atom.

It is conventionally represented by the symbol Z. The atomic number uniquely identifies a chemical element. In an atom of neutral charge, atomic number is equal to the number of electrons. The periodic table of the chemical elements is a tabular method of displaying the chemical elements. Although precursors to this table exist, its invention is generally credited to Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev in Mendeleev intended the table to illustrate recurring "periodic" trends in the properties of the elements.

The layout of the table has been refined and extended over time, as new elements have been discovered, and new theoretical models have been developed to explain chemical behavior. Notificar abuso Creo que esta respuesta infringe las Normas de la comunidad.

Notificar abuso Creo que este comentario infringe las Normas de la comunidad. Super easy ten points?

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