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Bts jimin dating aoa


Idols recently caught on Lovestagram 1. And even if he did, Jimin's the one who's making it obvious 6. They've gotten caught in pictures too Jin Hwan only bought one "Bts jimin dating aoa" which obviously holds one figure but Jimin has tons Bts jimin dating aoa they're dating, whatever, but why make it obvious?

If her boyfriend, who hasn't even debuted yet, gave her a gift, she should know to be more careful. May the odds be in her favor.

She is getting on so many ppl nerves lately What's the problem with her instagram's update??? I don't understand why people connect that with iKon's Jinhwan?? Please can you explain to me? If this was Bobby, fangirls would be freaking out but because it's a member basically no one pays attention too, people think it's cute.

I'm starting to think that Jimin is using this as a bait to fans and she knows exactly what reaction she'll get. Like if you're going to be so obvious with what you want to show, this is how you'd do it. I've only ever heard of lovestagram after getting into kpop hahaha.

This thing opens doors. He surely had nerve to get into dating scandal even before debuting But then where are those netizens that talk about instagram being the idols' personal space and that they can post whatever they want…? I've noticed that too. I guess they want to spread their love so that the whole world can see it.

It's kind of cute but They're celebrities and this won't do them especially her any good. Okay I don't even know what the problem is the truth is he's from YG he will be so busy they will become strangers. If they had posted Oreos or something, it's be a bit more believable lol. If a boyfriend gets "Bts jimin dating aoa" a all if Toy story toys then he is definitely a keeper. While I think they're cute, I think they should be more careful too. Ehhh it maybe coincidence. Bts jimin dating aoa them live and love.

And who cares about lovestagram stuff, I guess I'm a sucker for love. But I'm forever alone lmfao. Can i ask you one favor?

Please don't make it obvious if you really date him. I don't understand why k-celebs haven't gotten the hint: They are rumored to be dating. There was a picture of them but it is mostly blurred and just some pics of their back LOL. Her insta pic contains ToyStory characters. Jinhwan is holding a box with a toy story character. So they assumed Jinhwan gave the toys to Jimin. NB, can you at least write AOA jimin? Because it always give me heart attack whenever i read jimin in title I mean i know which jimin is dating jinhwan because its old news but please add AOA on her name.

Netizens have been buzzing about...

I have toy story stuff too There's always that possibility. Just because we don't have pictures doesn't mean it's not happening. But aren't there male Jimins as well? So for a second I thought "Jimin" was the boyfriend and that ikon kid was the girlfriend So whats your problem with me saying that?

I just state my opinion, its not like im bashing him They got the looks, voice and popularity The haters must be a big fan of Jinhwan. I don't really care who dates who, but jeez for your own sanity Bts jimin dating aoa make that private or something. You shouldn't have to hide it but you're just damaging yourselves. I was so confused reading this. I thougjt they were talking about BTs jimin. How is this affecting JinHwan?

Dating rumors are swirling once...

I know its best for idols not to date but if they met someone they like, why not? I think that position will become junhoe.

even if she's racist, she's...

After mix n match he got more attention especially coz his talent. Whoa that SNS 'evidence' Bts jimin dating aoa do K-nets even notice these things o.

Jimin is not even my fave she's pretty low on my bias list in aoa but she's so harmless lmao. But wasn't jimin gushing over jay park and that she wanted to go on a date with jay park at the beach.

So if jimin was dating Kim wouldn't she be cheating. Save oppa from his girlfriend because obviously is all her fault Yea it does look like a trend. Well she can survive Unpretty Rap Stars so yea lets see how far can those groups of netizens and journalists go. NB is fishing for stuff the first time they got caught they were on a date and their IG wasnt public. I didn't understand why there was a pann article about toys but this makes sense.

Bts jimin dating aoa my fave in iKON. Jinhwan carry a Toy Story box in his pic. And Netz detectives conclude that Jinhwan bought them for Jimin And the girl tell it to the world ,. Wtf is wrong with expressing ur love on sNS ppl do it all the time why are celebs exceptions?

Because his fangirls control his money and potential fame. They'll drop his ass. My point is still the same: I had to look up how to spell his name Somehow it means popularity. I don blame netizenbuzz, I just cant Bts jimin dating aoa the media and certain group of netizens. Wow, I didn't even knew lol. But yes, when it comes to rumours about couples they're the main articles to be translated My sister has a figurine of a toy story character!!!!!

Fucking hell if these 2 are dating let them if they wanna break up its none of your business smh let people live their lives. How she suppose to know he got cought on camera while holding that?

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Um no not really this was uploaded yesterday and was trending on pann. Just cos I'm not into the girl, it tasted bad. I admit if it is possible not dating will be the best but you know, if they'd meet one they like, just let them be. NB usually translates Bts jimin dating aoa negative AOA articles everyone knows NB handpicks what she translates and deletes negative comments about her. If you don't know stuff about them ofc you will not know. There has been more things last year and this time they are making it obvious again.

Maybe yg told him to break up with her bc of the upcoming debut. This is nothing compared to some of Bts jimin dating aoa previous secret relationships. Jimin's ig update was recent. Only IKON fans bored because of the long wait for their forever delayed debut care about this stuff tbh.

None of the above comments seems written by an AOA fan.

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