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Ang dating daan basic beliefs of catholicism


I appreciate the responses to my comment and the spirit of Christian correction in which they are given.

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I understand your passion to defend the truth as you perceive it, as this similar passion is the same love I have for the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Though not all of the posts directed to me were polite and on-tangent, thank you. Yup, I do appreciate Mr. This is a position we have held for years.

You must be confusing us with INC. Other churches are defective meaning lacking in apostolic authority, yes.

Ang dating daan fundamental beliefs....

We can argue day in and day out whether Peter is a rock or a pebble, but we cannot conveniently drop the verse where Christ handed Peter the keys to gates of heaven. Christ did institute apostolic authority. I am very sorry to have grieved you as you expressed in your response.

I appreciate your frankness because I am a frank person, too. I hate using words to camouflage what really is inside me. When I express something or anything it comes from my heart and it is the best of my knowledge and belief.

It has been my Ang dating daan basic beliefs of catholicism and practice not to allege anything especially against anybody if I do not have sufficient evidences to prove it.

In the interest of truth and justice, at least, there must be two or three witnesses to be brought to testify in a given argument or dispute. The preceding verse requires witnesses. In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established. It is not only normal, but sane, to love your faith — your church. But it is also wise and sane to be sure that your church or your faith is the true church and faith based on Scriptural truths. While I am discussing the truth in any given topic, I must tell you that not everything that I know can be injected on a particular topic.

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