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Dating a muslim girl yahoo


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I'm a muslim girl and i want a boyfriend, HELP!? I'm 16 and im a muslim girl. My parents are very religious no sex,dating, seeing boys until marriage.

Personally i would have no...

My sister just married recently shes 20 and the man she married was her very first boyfriend who she had been dating for 4 months. I have a brother and hes 17 and hes allowed to date, he often brings his I have a brother and hes 17 and hes allowed to date, he often brings his girlfriends over to our home. Anyway, i really want a boyfriend too but i know my parents will never let me until i am 20 and ready to meet a man that i will marry. I like a guy at school, i want to date him behind my parents back but i know allah will Dating a muslim girl yahoo me and so will my parents if they find out!!

Anyway what do you think?

Hope fer your sake ya...

Should i date this guy behind their back or could you give me so ideas for how Dating a muslim girl yahoo convince them Dating a muslim girl yahoo let me date. Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? No you shouldn't date him behind their back, not only is it deception, it's HAR'AM So what if your brother dates girl, if your brothers a murderer, does that make it okay for you to murder people?

Nope, what he's doing is Har'am and if your parents are encouraging it, then they are also sinning. Your parents are looking out for you - I understand you not liking the double standard but you should thank God you have parents that don't want you to end up like many girls your age that are left on the loose and regret losing their virginity but gaining genital worts for their trouble to someone that they THOUGHT was worth it and didn't turn out to be at all.

Twenty isn't so far away, just Dating a muslim girl yahoo on friends and school and getting to know yourself as a person and the time will fly by. Article here is about secret dating. Hi Samera Dont worry about it honey. I am a muslim girl and I am 17yrs old and liv in the UK. In islam we are sort of allowed to date. You have to get to know a guy very well before you marry him but make sure u dont hav any sex.

You dont actually hav to marry him and dont marry him yet as well. Get urself a education, career, liv ur life and wen ur more older like over 25 then get married. These days teens who get married under 18 end up in divorce anyways and u dont want that d u. Just go out wiv him if u want but dont get too serious coz he might not be the one u dont hav to tell ur parents just keep it from them as best as u can a lot of muslim girls who date keep it from there parents in the UK so u can do the same.

Your not insulting ur religion because u dont hav "Dating a muslim girl yahoo" intercourse so its fine and u said ur going to turn him into a muslim but dont force him and Dating a muslim girl yahoo sure he learns the correct thing. If he wants to meet ur mum just tell him that ur parents arent allowing u to hav a boyfriend yet and that he cant meet ur mum unfortunatley and that ur sorry about that so its ok. I hope I gave u good advice and good luck xx.

Hello, I assume you are living in a western country. I know it is tough but while you are living under your parents' wing, especially Dating a muslim girl yahoo they are feeding you, paying your bills and will be looking after your future education, life will be much easier for you if you just humour them along for the time being and keep any guy you see or like under mums. After 21 when you cut the umbilical cord so to speak you can then do as you please and set your own rules for life.

This applies to any of us no matter what the culture or religion is.

Dating a muslim girl yahoo Well it might "Dating a muslim girl yahoo" harshbut your parents are hypocrite. Seriously how they allowed your brother to date and then say they are rightous?

Obviously your parents are taken by their culturenot their Religion. MeArab Palestinian. Hide him from your parents it can't be that hard can it?

Most parents also worry about girls getting into trouble with the wrong people. Examples include getting pregnant,getting robbed,mugged,raped etc etc. Why do you think Allah gave you those thoughts and feelings if he didn't want you to use them. Muslim girl having a boyfriend Why in the muslim religion girls cant have boyfriends?

Can a muslim girl have a boyfriend? Muslim girl with boyfriend, is that so wrong? Was the Enlightenment a good thing to happen to the Western world, which eventually put Christianity into the corner? Anyone who is reasonably sane, level headed or intelligent should know whether or not they are in good standing with Christ. Why do atheists go to hell?

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