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Michael Justin "Burnie" Burns born January 18, is an American writer, actor, producer, comedian, host, and director living in Austin, Texas. He is a co-founder, former chief executive officerand current chief creative officer of Rooster Teeth. He is noted for his contributions in machinimaa form of film-making that uses video game technology in its production, [1] and also works with animation and live action.

In AprilBurns, along with several Are burnie and ashley dating services and co-workers, created the machinima series Red vs. The Blood Gulch Chronicles. Filmed using the video game Halo Are burnie and ashley dating services, Red vs. Blue was acclaimed for its humor and originality, making Burns an Internet celebrity. BlueBurns attracted the attention of video game company Electronic Artswho asked him to create a promotional series using their upcoming game, The Sims 2.

The result was The Strangerhood. Burns also premiered P. InBurns starred in the science fiction comedy film Lazer Teamwhich he co-wrote. He is of one quarter French-Canadian descent. Burns' determination to pursue a medical career led him to become a member of HOSA.

Half of his senior year consisted of clinical rotations at Southwest Memorial Hospital. After high school, he was accepted at the University of Notre Dame but, unable to afford the tuition, he chose to attend The University of Texas at Austinwhere he received a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science.

During his time with TSTV, he founded Sneak Peekthe longest-running student television program in the world, [14] in which he reviewed films and conducted interviews with guests such as Adam Sandler. Burns went on to become the president of the tech support company teleNetwork Partners, and eventually broke out to form his independent company Rooster Teeth.

In his final year of university, Burns was intent on making a movie. Joel Heyman and Matt Hullumwho were roommates at the time, agreed to help, with the former agreeing to star and the latter helping write, produce and direct. Burns became frustrated with the difficult distribution process and the film only screened in a few festivals.

Soon after, the trio parted ways. Heyman and Hullum went to Los Angeles, while Burns accepted a position at a local tech support company. There, he met his co-workers and future Red vs. Blue collaborators Geoff Ramsey and Gus Are burnie and ashley dating services. In JuneBurns teamed up with his colleagues to create their first viral video, a Mac Gamer Switch parody.

That moment is probably the single most important moment in the history of this company. Even more so than when we put the first video of Red vs. That's when we developed a lot of the early strategies Burns attributes "two vectors that came together, the movie guys and the tech guys," as being a catalyst for their success.

The trio were giant enthusiasts of the first-person shooter video game Halo: Combat Evolvedleading them to discuss whether an automobile in the game known as a Warthog looks like a puma. Burns has said that this discussion was "the spark for the whole series".

Bluewhich was released September 5, on the drunkgamers website, but it was largely ignored, and, for unrelated reasons, drunkgamers soon closed. Four months later, Computer Gaming World contacted Ramsey for permission to include a different drunkgamers video in a CD to be distributed with the magazine. Ramsey granted permission, but he and Burns felt that they needed a website to take advantage of the exposure from Computer Gaming World.

They therefore resurrected Red vs. Blue and re-released the trailer to coincide with the Computer Gaming World issue. The "Are burnie and ashley dating services" episode was released on April 1, The series is primarily produced using the machinima technique of synchronizing video footage from a game to pre-recorded dialogue and other audio.

Burns initially envisioned Red vs. Blue to be short, but the series grew beyond his expectations. Burns and Ramsey had preconceived a list of jokes for which they allocated six to eight episodes.

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By episode 8however, they realized that the series had fleshed out more than expected; they had covered only about one third of their original list. Burns and the whole production team eventually quit their jobs and began to work full-time on the series; to generate revenue they created an online store to sell T-shirts.

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After the first season of Red vs. BlueBurns, voicing the character of Churchbecame a celebrity in the machinima community. As the director, writer, and lead actor of the series, he was the driving force behind the series. The series completed its original five season episode run on June 28,collectively known as the Blood Gulch Chronicles.

Subsequent seasons were re-tooled with The Recollection Trilogy for seasons 6—8 ReconstructionRecreationand Revelationand The Freelancer Saga for seasons 9 and Since season eleven, which premiered on June 14,Burns handed directorial and head writing duties to Miles Luna to shift his focus onto other projects. He still provides voice work for characters such as Church, Lopez and Vic.

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In13 months after the first season of Red vs. The series uses the same machinima technique used to film Red vs. The idea for the series came from the E3 gaming convention where Burns and his Rooster Teeth partners were introduced to the life simulation game The Sims 2 and realized that the game would be suitable for a series that parodied reality television. The game's publisher Electronic Arts allowed them to continue with the project. The following year Burns and Rooster Teeth created the comic science fiction machinima mini-series P.

The series consists of five episodes. The story centers on a newcomer to Bravo Team, a special military group formed to battle supernatural enemies. "Are burnie and ashley dating services" the series begins, Bravo Team has been sent into a military facility at night to investigate the reports of paranormal activity from within.

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This is a parody of the main scenario used in F. Burns first returned to live-action with Captain Dynamic a mini-series to promote the online game City of Heroes. The series was well received by fans, which led him and Rooster Teeth to begin producing a new live-action Are burnie and ashley dating services, titled Rooster Teeth Shorts also referred to as RT Shortsa sketch comedy which parodies life at their offices. The series features the staff of Rooster Teeth, including Burns, who all play caricatures of themselves, as well as occasional appearances from voice actors from some of their machinima series.

The first season ran for twenty episodes and five seasons have since followed, as well as six-second mini episodes released exclusively through the video sharing service Vine. The podcast consists largely of comedic commentary on the popular culture of the week, including video games, recent news, website features, sports and upcoming projects and is available for download through iTunesZune Marketplace and their website.

It has since become one of the more popular features of the site, at one point becoming the 1 most downloaded podcast on iTunes, as well as a featured podcast in the iTunes Store.

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