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Prior to the show, Jaymes gained popularity as an actor on Santa Barbara and also as a stand up comedian, including on the Fox network on the critically acclaimed The Sunday Comics. Staley had met Jaymes in California earlier and promised if he was ever in charge of a radio station again, Jaymes would be his first and only choice to host mornings.

He said his coolest moment was as co-producer alongside soon to be world renown producer Brenden O'Brien at The Black Crowes Live at the Greek Theatre in the summer of His interaction with WFYV's new morning duo was unlike anything the city had ever experienced. It was so Lex and terry dating season for management that Staley was asked to put Jaymes on a plane back to California if that was what the show was going to be.

Unbeknownst that this irreverence would set the tone for years to Lex and terry dating season, Lex and Terry served notice that things had changed for JacksonvilleLex and terry dating seasonand its two hosts.

The show took a while to succeed; some people did not like the "two punks in a locker room " attitude. WFYV general manager Mark Schwartz said, "Unlike a lot of other morning shows that rely on tired bits and material that's stolen from other radio stations, these guys are percent unique. They don't rely on joke services. This was the catalyst for the start of the duo's successful syndication career that continues today. Promotion of the show included showing the duo with milk mustaches, a blonde stripper with large breasts between them, and the tagline " Got Milk?

The "Telecom Bill" was a huge factor of what happened next for Lex and Terry as broadcasting companies were able to buy many more properties than they were before, and the duo got caught up in a whirlwind of acquisitions that eventually swallowed up their host station KTXQ. Despite the show's positive impact on its ratings, KTXQ changed formats as the result of the station's sale and dropped Lex and Terry on September 1, A firing story that is still told until this day.

Lex and Terry moved their show back to Jacksonville, where it was the top morning show among rock radio stations. Gainesville, Floridaand two other markets also planned to add the show, according to Schwartz. A reason for the change was that Cox Radio would not allow the show to run on stations that competed with its stations while Clear Channel would.

Despite being the number one morning show for years in the market the hosts called "Freakville", Lex and Terry was off WFYV and not heard in Jacksonville until FebruaryLex and terry dating season [5] returning on Planet Radio Staley and Jaymes both disagreed with the university's decision, with Staley claiming this action violated the First Amendment.