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Deinde like dating


I asked this question since the biblical Moses who was born abroad in ancient Ejigbo the double polar groves; re-lexified to Egypt really is Orunmila, the Americas is actually an Ejigbo as well but on a larger fractal area, and events are historical fractals.

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So I decided to seek clarification about the first question and thus confirmed from Ifa that he had been around in the Americas but departed recently, that is, passed away and will soon return via resurrection. Next, I began considering the profile of Orunmila from his titles and oriki praise cognomenremembered Deinde Fernandezand confirmed from Ifa more than once that he is Deinde like dating. Deinde Fernandez whose full name is Oladeinde Antonio Fernandez is a well known billionaire who cherishes his privacy very much, an attribute misconstrued deliberately or otherwise by some ignorant bloggers who spun myths about him rather than perceiving that he is a strictly disciplined practitioner of Ifa and a confident, self-assured Oluwo leader of the Ogboni the first and original earth cult.

He is a widely travelled polyglot and, with his tremendous wisdom that is well and widely acknowledged till date, served as an ambassador for many nations.

This is attested in Otura Irete: Fig 2 Clyde Pryce. It has been mentioned a lot on blogs that when in restaurants no other customer apart from his entourage would be present, to display his wealth and send a message that his class was of a very luxurious caste. According to Exodus According to Ogbe Otura the irunmoles eventually made themselves invisible to humans because of this bad character of the Omo Oduduwa which came to a head when a wife of Orunmila and two of his babalawos stole a special ikin Ifa of his and threw it into a river to ensure that he would never find it and to embarass him and take his place and glory.

Ogbe Otura Deinde like dating more records of similar instances diabolical conspiracies against Orunmila by Deinde like dating Ifa priests and the laypeople who had vowed to death to quench him. A similar incident is also noted in Irete Meji which has it that their people even slapped them and tore their clothes to shreds.

In the same manner Deinde Fernandez held important meetings well away from the public; perhaps there were distasteful incidents that warranted it, and perhaps when such occurred Ifa prescribed it as a final solution.

In addition, no reminder is needed here of what Orunmila can do when angry.

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Most likely it is a prescription of his odu. One is that he is not an orisha but only an irunmole, whereas he is both as each of the irunmoles has an enikeji that is an orisha. Consequently, the name Oshu, and also Are since the latter is part of the epithets Olodumare and Oshumare, have been ignored and forgotten and the bearer Obatala relegated in the minds of the people.

Deinde Fernandez had had perhaps three wives before he departed, as is suggested in the bible concerning Moses who is noted as having two persons named Reul and Jethro as his fathers-in-law even Deinde like dating many bible exegetes try to explain Deinde like dating names as belonging to one person Exodus 2: A third person named Hobab and identified as a Kenite is mentioned in Judges 4: This means that the biblical Kenites are actually the people of Kano.

Obviously this strong association of the two orishas with the name Moremi through the ages must have already been noted in the Ifa literary corpus and is a fractal.

Perhaps in this present age they agreed to that bad for their daughters either due to a subconscious memory-leak from that past life, or it is due to the Iyami Eshoronga who have been aware of this relationship and so had a Deinde like dating Iyami born into each of their families to distract and quench them, or both.

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