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Career utsav in bangalore dating


Parents have admitted that the Career Utsav experience taught them to not give in to societal pressure, but help their child choose a career best suited to them. Responsible educators have been delighted at Career Utsav's ability to draw in the kind of students that they would like to connect and converse with. Every feedback that we have received has helped us make Career Utsav more meaningful to all our stakeholders: Management guru Peter Drucker had once declared: The most effective and highly economic platform to achieve desired interaction with target audience.

Entry Fees

Benefit from increased value addition with abundant opportunities for media exposure on all platforms. Career Utsav provides you a one-of-its-kind opportunity to connect with more than one lakh students and their parents across three cities.

We have always extended many exciting opportunities and avenues to help associates such as yourself, begin conversations with the right kind of students. Our focus has always been more on the relevance and quality of students and not just the numbers.

Students and parents are also extended FREE shuttle service to reach the event hassle-free. Career Utsav, undoubtedly becomes a place-to-be for all aspirants from all the cross roads of their career decisions. We understand that just as every student is unique, so is every organization. Which is why, we Career utsav in bangalore dating not have a cookie-cutter approach to sponsorships.

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