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Dating a fellow phd student email


The British welfare state, one of the key topics in my PhD research, has come in for a bit of a bashing recently. Indeed, it is now a distinct possibility that it may become, like gladiators, pyramids and decent Adam Sandler films, a thing of the past.

This is big news, and I am, for a change, able to produce some insightful comments. Instead, I am going to discuss the peculiarities of finding romance as a PhD student. Now, as an historian rather than an ornithologist or an apiarist, I am no great expert on the birds and the bees, but I can tell you with some certainty that the whole meet-nice-person-and-do-stuff thing has been going on, in various sexy and Dating a fellow phd student email ways, since our ancestors first looked at each other and realised there was nothing good on television.

However, for various reasons, the road to heartfelt nothings is a little rockier if you are completing a PhD, as I was reminded recently when advising a dear friend on such affairs.

Aug 27, Kevin Haggerty and...

There are many doctorates-in-waiting who find a significant other outside the world of academia, and this can work very well. You put up with them telling you how their boss is, just, like, a total idiot, and they put up with you telling them how your complex mixed-methods "Dating a fellow phd student email" has been found epistemologically unsound.

Although others have told me otherwise, I have never found that my PhD status is a particular winner with prospective partners.

Only the other night, I was flirting over the onions in a popular supermarket, when they asked me what I did for a living. However, leaving my slightly scarring experience in the produce section aside, it does indeed happen that people undertaking postgraduate research manage to keep the whole shebang quiet enough to make people fall head-over-heels for their intellectual jawlines if that is even a thing. Dating within the PhD pool, meanwhile, is a different beast a shark, if we are labouring the metaphor.

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Although one might imagine that there would be stolen glances and brushes of the hand aplenty amongst these academic saplings, it just does not seem to happen. I also suspect that the intimacy of being part of a research community is, paradoxically, anathema to paramours and skipped Dating a fellow phd student email. Mind your own beakers!

Having said this, I can think of many academics who have hitched up with fellow scholars, although rarely from the same department, so clearly it is not impossible. Maybe it is just a rarity that fellow researchers fall for each other.

I do sense that that most famous of interweb rules, number 34, comes into play here and if not, then I have just discovered a new career path…. So, if you find yourself swooning for a doctoral heart-throb, I say go for it. There may be some unusual issues, but if you get beyond those you will discover that even PhD students need a bit of affection.

As the Beatles once sang, All you need is love…and a publication before you graduate. February 7, at For my part, I spent a good part of my first term leaning sultrily over books in the postgraduate lounge Dating a fellow phd student email suggesting innocent cake trips to Tesco with a cute second year PhD.

February 11, at February 15, at 9: I enjoyed reading this via phdchat As a mini-case study to add to your investigation, my significant other is a fellow PhD-er and things are going well.

The snobbery goes both ways, which works for us. February 21, at March 24, at I have just re-read this after many months away. Thank you for all your wonderful comments! Since writing this I have had many people regale me with stories of academic amour, and I have even seen a few for myself.

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