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Louise is one of those cool young women. She is a successful and cultured year-old lawyer.

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She loves cycling, travelling and visiting art galleries. And enjoys internet dating.

This week police warned single women to take care with dating websites after two women complained they had been sexually attacked by a man with the cyber name "Houndman". Internet dating wellington nz tourism had both met him through a dating website and gone to his rural home outside Huntly on separate occasions. He will reappear in Huntly District Court next month on rape and sexual violation charges.

But despite the risks cyber dating can pose, attractive young women like Louise insist the internet not the preserve of freaks and geeks but a fun and efficient way of meeting a potential boyfriend - if sensible precautions are taken. And Louise is not alone. One New Zealand internet dating site saw an influx of members only four days into the New Year.

Trade Me's Findsomeone site had a 30 per cent increase in online activity, taking its membership to more than a quarter of a million. Findsomeone's business manager Mike O'Donnell said they have seen the boom at the same time for the past three years now.

He said online daters seem to be increasingly older, better educated and seeking a serious relationship. According to one report, one in five single British adults use internet dating services and at match.

In America, where the stigma of online dating vanished some time ago, looking for a partner on the web is seen as cool.

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Sites such as nerve. I have been doing it for about two years. And it's kind of fun. I met him in the cafe there and he immediately tried to get all over me like a rash.

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Louise said she tends to communicate with someone between seven to nine times before she decides to meet them although she confesses "she gets bored very easily" "I am quite busy and train "Internet dating wellington nz tourism" lot, so I am often out of the house.

So someone needs to be able to catch my attention quickly and say something that makes me feel 'I want to meet this guy'. It's a bit of a false premise for a relationship. A lot of people use internet dating because they lack social skills. I am quite convinced on that one.

Internet dating wellington nz tourism....

Lee Chisholm, operations Internet dating wellington nz tourism for I NetSafe, a text bullying and online harrassment service said more people are turing to internet dating because their lives are busier and it is more user friendly than placing a personal ad in a singles column.

The number of people also meeting dates through online gaming sites, through virtual world, on forums, social networking sites is also spiralling. When you can't see a person it is often difficult to pick up warnings signs. Ms Chisholm believes it likely that there is under-reporting of sexual assaults or rapes that happen possibly because there's some embarrassment about admitting they met someone on an online dating site.

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One of the biggest problems dealt with by I Netsafe is harrassment that occurs after a relationship has ended - cyber stalking or phone harrassment. We have seen misuse of photos after a relationship has ended such as remastering someone's photo onto a naked body or pornographic pose and sending it to their email.

It's all about not giving away too much about yourself early on. Sign into your NZ Herald. On the go and no time to finish that story right now?

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