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Netlog fake profiles on dating


K telling she as a doctor from U. K wants to setlle in bangalore wants to transfer her currency usd vide courier approached me insisting her loyal friendship with in days time told sent parcel covering 80,ooo usd compelled me to approach agent at delhi customs. I don't recommend you to use this dating service, too many guys from India and feels like they are so hungry You'd better use Tinder.

Stop sending me unwanted emails!

Online Dating Services. This profile...

Please stop your activities, or I report your site to the authorities. I put your site url on as many blacklists I could find. Don't spent time on these kind of scam sites. You might annoy all people in your phone contact list. Seriosly, this site is awsome: D I mean, might not be the site itself that's wrong, might just be the region you are from.

D for me this site is awsome. I took my mates advice and signed up. It's a bit meh.

Now, with Valentine's Day approaching,...

Good points and bad. I am pretty sure that the have some affiliation with Zorpia which is just as bad. These indecent miserable scammers only want to use common people's profile data normally stolen from Facebook and involuntarily sign common even married people for Netlog fake profiles on dating cheap dating website without them even knowing they are there. These Massive-Media folks should be exposed as well as the secret of the "fastest-growing social network".

Nothing against dating websites: This is just a dangerous low level scam. Please read also my reply to the seemingly responsible and concerned reply from the Twoo representative. These idiots created a fake profile for me without my consent and proceed to invite people on my behalf.

I didn't even know what this crap was all about and then I discover it is a "dating site". Do you idiots know the kind of unmitigated sh-tstorm you can create by "auto" signing up people to a darting sites and then spamming their contacts??

I creted a Profile on...

Fortunately I don't have a jealous Netlog fake profiles on dating but you can imagine what could happen if i did! Then I had to go "recover" my password to go through a process of deleting my account where they beg you at every step not to do it. After that I still today receive random emails from probably non existing women saying they have a "message" for me and I should rejoin with small lettering below saying that if I clicked the "read her message button" an account would be automatically created for me - great!!

I hope your site gets Netlog fake profiles on dating cancer and dies! Update and reply to the answer from Twoo: So you are claiming that you do not create acounts for people unless they fill out forms and verify the account??! That's funny since that's not what I read in the bulls-t email you sent me the day I wrote this review you can view the printscreen image on the attachment with obviously my email redacted out.

You can read in the small letters in the end the following: Stop pretending you are a legitimate company just because I'm calling you out. I fortunately don't have any account with you anymore. I'm only interested in letting other people know what a scam you are - judging from the number of one star reviews of people saying the same thing as me including dead people with accounts apparently you can stop pretending you don't use every scammer's tactic out there to increase your "user base".

If you get an email from them don't click any button. If you can figure out if someone you know might have sent you a "message" through Twoo warn them because Twoo probably just created an account for them without their knowledge. They are basically like a computer virus! It sent my friend an email, from my DEAD father, that he sent her a message.

He died 5 month ago. This is not funny at all. This is the worst application ever, it is sending email invitations to my phone Don't even try to make "Netlog fake profiles on dating" account! First of all, FYI im not new to net dating, been around the block a few times! Very much liking Twoo I must admit. It's up there with wejustfit in terms of the best websites ive tried.

Worth trying in case you have lots of members in your area but for me it was pretty standard stuff overall. Personally, I prefer Mingle2day or Cupid over Twoo but that doesn't mean that it's a bad site.

IMO it seems "Netlog fake profiles on dating." Someone sent a message to my Gmail account using Twoo.