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Sexual bridal shower gifts


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March in Pre-wedding Parties. Hello - I am the MOH,throwing a large bachelorette party The bride does NOT want any lingerie. I have been trying to think of a theme for the party to avoid that. I thought of a Stock the Bar party but they received nearly all barware at the shower. Report 0 Reply to Post.

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March edited December What about a spa themed party? Or a wine themed party?

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A baking party if she likes to bake? Do you even need a theme?

Most bachelorette parties I've been to are "She's getting married! They received all their barware at the shower, but did they receive Sexual bridal shower gifts and alcohol to stock it with? A spa party sounds great too, everyone could bring different bubble baths, salts, candles, etc. Always a fan of wine themed party.

Someone could give her one of those rabbit wine bottle openers we LOVE ours and of course bottles of their favorite wines or bottles from local vineyards.

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