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Heartbreak of hookup an emotionally unavailable guy


I met many people in my life who comes under this umbrella, some of them are now my good friends. Growing up, I have noticed a visible difference in the emotional availability between the genders. Men tend to choose the route of emotional unavailability more than women.

Nevertheless, women become emotionally unavailable to the people outside their limited circle. After researching and speaking to many people, here is what I have found —. First of all, emotionally unavailable persons do have emotions and sometimes more intense than us, but they choose to hide them. Their cynicism makes them emotionally unavailable to the others. There could be many fears influencing their mindset; such as heartbreak, losing of someone or something, and list goes on.

I spoke to my close friend who has mentioned many times that he has difficulty to carry a conversation related to any serious emotion. Even when someone dies in his family, he chooses to leave the house and gets busy in something else. His act makes him an emotional inaccessible person. After having similar conversations with few people, I have realized that this is a learned behavior.

These people have trained their mind, they were not born like this. Somewhere in their life they were hurt or felt the threat of hurt so deeply that they decided to shut off their emotions and might "Heartbreak of hookup an emotionally unavailable guy" turned careless or even hostile. An emotionally unavailable person is not detached but in a denial. An emotionally unavailable person will not invest much in relationships and keep them on the surface.

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