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Sc2 artosis wife sexual dysfunction


Simply just one amazing Caster. Log In Log In Register. StarCraft 2 Brood War Blogs. Other Games Other Games. Immortal thing is really funny. I hate being right.

From "Sc2 artosis wife sexual dysfunction" to Reality - Makin…. Having Your Own Airplane…. Ground Wars Units …. Solstice Series Created b…. Artosis an Analytic Brood War Caster? I am not making this thread for others to voice their opinions if they hated Artosis! I don't want any disrespect to Artosis as a caster or a community member Artosis and Tastless or Tastosis are often praised as very intelligent and Analytic casters for SC2.

I am wondering if Artosis or even Tastless where, at the time of casting Brood War, analytic casters? If not, who "Sc2 artosis wife sexual dysfunction" I recognize Sean Plott Day9 doing his dailies and his profound skill of accessing build orders and such. Did Sean ever actually cast a Brood War tournament? If so, which one? I ask this because I'd like to learn more about Brood War. While I am a casual player at better I truly do not have a competitive drive for this game.

I do love to cast this game however! I have been often criticized about my lack of true game knowledge. This is of course true.

I want to see what "true" commentary for Brood War is and was. I would look at current casters of Brood War and watch them and learn from them but the issue is truly I don't know which of the half dozen casters we currently have are truly the know all see all casters.

Sayle sounds extremely intelligent in his casts. HB seems like he knows the game well as well.

Oh god, I love that...

Artosis in BW was my fave caster until I hit around C. At Sc2 artosis wife sexual dysfunction point he didn't really bring anything that insightful to the table. Day[9] was never the caster for any Korean BW tournies, though he has analyzed many of those games in his earlier dailies. Artosis was the best Sc2 artosis wife sexual dysfunction English caster and best English caster in general imo that BW ever had.

Day[9] was great too. Tasteless was good back when he first started casting, but what I think happened is that he stopped actually playing the game and his casts devolved into simply stating the obvious and making jokes. The best casters are always the people who can look at a game and understand it on a deeper level rather than simply what is happening on the screen, and convey that understanding to viewers.

These people are rare because to be able to do that means you also have to play the game at a somewhat competitive level at least. You can probably find some of Artosis' old casts on youtube. He made a bunch of videos back when he was working with SCforAll.

On November 30 This thread is only for positive discussion. Artosis is about as analytic a caster as you're going to get for live casting, that said most of the insights he or anyone could bring up were from split second glances at what was going on before a game moved on, so you never got a lot of deep insight about what a dude was doing with a build unless Artosis had practiced it himself which was rarely the case considering he only played 1 race at a nominal level of skill relative to those he was commentating on.

The times when he and Tasteless are at their best, analysis wise, is when they start a sentence with, "Oh, I've practiced this before on X map," and then go into detail about what they're going to do and why it works while being really excited because they're not repeating standard platitudes.

Day9's dailies would be the best analytic commentary on Broodwar because he would watch the games multiple times and figure out what was going on and pseudo script what he was going to say about it and then stream said script, which is pretty much what you have to do with any well constructed RTS.

Artosis was very insightful for new people or people with low knowledge in general, so if you're very casual and just trying to get your feet wet, he's a good guy to watch. I beg to differ actually. Artosis was the person who Sc2 artosis wife sexual dysfunction explain meta-game shifts and trends better than anyone. I never really watched the Day[9] dailies much, because when I Sc2 artosis wife sexual dysfunction I felt like I was hearing facts that were intuitively obvious, but just conveyed with a lot of intellectual exuberance.

On the other hand, I also play terran like Artosis did. I'm sure zerg players can probably learn a lot more from watching Day[9].

I wasn't that much of a terran player and realized most of what he was saying as fairly obvious for long time listeners and watchers of BW partly because korean players didn't do too much new stuff in GOM and WCG I do remember certain post commentaries, like how he explained flash's pre mining gas at his expansion to counter gas steals on HBR and why it was a big deal, but I was specifically talking about Tastetosis stuff because that's what the OP was interested in.

Well that might've been due to the fact that he was casting with tasteless. There were a lot of insightful comments as I remember, but most of them escapes me since it was so long ago. To give one example, Artosis was the person who would go into detail about why at one point terrans were starting to go 2 rax before academy in TvZ the old trend used to be rax cc academy rax.

Just stuff like that. Yeah you're right, post commentaries have more analysis value.