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Teaser - Suite Noire by Eurochannel. The world of crime is mysterious and deadly, especially when viewed through the eyes of a writer.

Welcome to the Suite Noire. Suite Noire is a collection of eight films, each the fruit of an encounter between a novelist and a filmmaker, the latter given carte blanche to adapt one of the published novels. Each film is a hard-boiled crime story in the B-movie tradition.

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In addition, the series explores the nuances of various cinematic genres, from high farce to social criticism, by way of moral or immoral Samir guesmi wife sexual dysfunction, the macabre and the romantic. Suite Noire takes a dark and ironic look at contemporary society, at its shady, seedy parts and murky motives. In every episode — or film, in this case — the lives of decent citizens or delinquents, fake innocents or total bastards, serial-killers or inept murderers, are intertwined in outrageous stories, some based on real events.

Eurochannel invites you to discover some of the darkest stories ever written in modern France, and be thrilled by the stunning films made of them in a unique series presented for the first time in America.

Suite Noire - Episode 1: Suite Noire - Episode 2: Recipe for a Killing Suite Noire - Episode 3: Straight on for Murder Suite Noire - Episode 4: When the City Bites Suite Noire - Episode 5: Suite Noire - Episode 6: Fright of an Angel Suite Noire - Episode 7: Suite Noire - Episode 8: Menu Trailer Gallery Story.

Thriller, Drama, Crime Country: This series presents a collection of film noirs that explore social Samir guesmi wife sexual dysfunction psychosocial disorders in contemporary society.

Each film is the result of a collaboration between a filmmaker and a writer whose story appears in the book Samir guesmi wife sexual dysfunction Suite Noire.

When a corrupt police force recruits him to infiltrate a gang of criminals, Manu Francis Renaud is caught in a vicious cycle, one from which he may not easily escape. Episode 2 Recipe for a Killing Directors: Tirez sur le Samir guesmi wife sexual dysfunction Synopsis: An unlikely encounter between a gourmet wine producer and a rebellious young girl living on the fringe, which he takes on as a cook.

Through the Monbazillac vines a game of cat and mouse ensues, while the simpleton farmhand looks on. Scenes of gastronomy alternate with scenes of murder… and the outcome is always uncertain.

Episode 3 Straight on for Murder Directors: Following an unlucky car accident in which a young woman is burnt alive, Gabriel struggles to avoid the blame for the crime. In the end, he starts to get on pretty well with death, murdering left, right, and center.

But a cop is constantly getting under his feet, and seems determined to trip him up. When a real serial killer gets in on one act, Gabriel finds it all a little too much to handle. Episode 4 When the City Bites Directors: Quand la ville mord Synopsis: Sara, a budding artist, arrives at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris.


Three months pass, servicing customers for Omar the pimp and Madame Brigitte. On Christmas, Sara finds her cousin dead, all their savings gone. La musique de papa Synopsis: When a teenage boy breaks free from his uptight mother and struggling music producer father, how does he channel all that righteous adolescent rage? The bond between them starts to flourish, and then it becomes strained as the darkness closes in.

Episode 6 Fright of an Angel Directors: Smitten by a gorgeous blonde from Geneva, he tackles a huge scam organized by a network of police, politicians and mafia in Marseille. For a first job, that means a lot of enemies all at once. Fortunately an old — but not bent — cop is keeping a close eye on him. Episode 7 Queen Bitch Directors: La reine Samir guesmi wife sexual dysfunction connes Synopsis: The first time Emmanuel le wanted to jump from a window, he was seven years old.

The second time was only a few seconds ago.

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And all because he wanted a sex change! Thanks to his lover and a few other friends, he was going to pay for a flight to Bangkok, where he could Samir guesmi wife sexual dysfunction for an appendectomy. Trouble is, as with many things, deadly jumps always come in threes.

Episode 8 What's the Damage? Envoyez la fracture Synopsis: Ambroise Fridelance, a failed illustrator specializing in the covers of cheap paperbacks, thinks he can get his head back above water by selling a family heirloom and soon finds himself caught up in the inner dealings of the world of auction sales.

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