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That guy blackandsexytv season 3


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By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Oct 10, 1. I know a lot of y'all are probably into web series but this one has to be the best one I have ever seen. It about two guy and their life chasing and dealing with women. It's funny check it out. Here is the first season playlist. Oct 10, 2. Black and Sexy baby. This show is one of my guilty pleasures. It also makes me so happy that I don't have male friends that ain't shit lol.

Oct 10, 3. Black and Sexy is doing very well on the web series tip. The Couple is too cute I think the skinny guy on here is a cutie. Oct 10, 4. Yes Black and Sexy have a lot of great shows on their youtube That guy blackandsexytv season 3 Hello That guy blackandsexytv season 3 is one that a lot of females will like.

Dec 11, 5. Black and Sexy Baby!!!!! Dec 11, 6. Dec 11, 7. I love this show! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Dec 11, 8. I wish a TV network would pic it up.

Dec 12, That guy blackandsexytv season 3. NO it would change! Keep it the same, I wouldn't mine paying for a subscription to Black and Sexy to help support their projects.

Dec 12, I love black and sexy tv! That Guy is That guy blackandsexytv season 3 good webcom but the couple is my favorite, can't wait for the movie. Dec 16, Newest and Best Episode Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That Guy is so natural its like watching friends just chill. Juda is in an NFL commercial??? Jan 5, Jan 7, I wanted to fight Juda this episode!

I feel you but him and Dion both need better boundaries in general. She is not the reason for he problems but she is the lighter fluid to the fire!!!! Great acting from Judah She is the Ruiner!!!!! I have watched this episode over and over Is Judah That Guy or is it Mike????

Both are blends of men I knew in my younger days. Great show all around!!! Jan 8, Judah was on point Dion did cause a lot of his issues. But he should not of talked about the guy wanting his ring back. The last episode actually made me tear up.

Judah was just really mean and cruel.

I love me some Deon so I hope Judah gets his comeuppance soon. Deon is not why Judah is in the situation he is in now.

THAT GUY Mixtape 2​.​0

He sucks as a person, imo, and plays childish games. Whether Deon was there or not, he didn't appreciate Stacey like he should have and that's why she went to Darryl.

THAT GUY | Season Premiere...

I also think Deon and Judah are to blame for why their relationship has too many blurred lines. They are too close. Feb 6, Mar 10, I love Black and Sexy TV I'm woefully behind on this series though.

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