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Thailand vs philippines travel


We only have 2 weeks and I'd like to end our trip with beautiful beaches in a nice villa with great food. I've traveled quite a bit but the poorest "Thailand vs philippines travel" I've been to was Thailand vs philippines travel on an Intrepid tour. The poverty and dirtyness in some cities was overwhelming. My husband isn't quite as adventurous but we work great as a team and want to do something more exciting and exotic than an all-inclusive.

For the life of me, I can't decide between Thailand and Philippines. The reason I am looking into the Philippines now is the amount of tourism and crowds in Thailand. Both countries have so many good areas and beaches.

I'd like to try scuba diving and "Thailand vs philippines travel" a bit of the country's culture but not tire our selves out with too many activities since we have such a short time and long travel time. I found Philipino food rather unattractive while Thai food was wonderful from the very beginning. Thailand vs philippines travel course a matter of taste and you can get many kinds of food in the Philippines.

Travel time must be a factor in your planning. From Montreal you need at least two stops to fly to the Philippines while Thailand you can manage with one stop. Are you going to have the first dip in warm waters as experienced divers, looking for only an introductory dive or planning a certification course?

Travel destination: Thailand vs Philippines

In the latter case you want to look into which certification you want, how much it will cost and how big chunk of your holiday it requires. Additional time for some free dives using your new skills would also be nice. In any case you need to find out how much time and money you need to get to your desired dive site from home.

This could be the main factor in making the selection between countries. In Thailand at that "Thailand vs philippines travel" the best dive site would be Similan Islands which are accessed with day tours or liveaboards from Phuket. You could fly into Bangkok and home from Phuket. You can find your nice villa there although it will cost you since it is high season but you would be visiting after the peak season, i.

If you have been to Morocco English being more widely spoken in the Philippines than in Thailand hardly is a factor. In Thailand you have to work at it to find all-inclusive resorts although some big travel companies are now rolling them out for people who do not know better.

Thailand's forte has been being able to walk to local places for cheap great food etc. I don't know about beach destinations in the Philippines but in Manila I found it disconcerting to see heavily armed guards Thailand vs philippines travel in the front of convenience stores.

It was nothing like that in Thailand even during the military coup. Thailand has had its tourist murders but the Philippines has had high-profile kidnappings "Thailand vs philippines travel" have dragged on for years. My recollection is that the kidnapping business has revived so check that it is not a risk in the areas that you want to visit. In the past it was rather localized to a specific area with insurgents using it as a source of cash.

For what it is worth a frequent contributor to the Thailand forum has expressed disappointment at how people on the Philippines forums cause any post stating anything negative about the country to be deleted. Food is better in Thailandbeaches better in Philippinescommunication is easier and most speak english.

Thailand or Philippines: which country...

My experience is the majority of the Philippines is as safe as any destination I travelled to. Personally and this is from a perspective of living in the Philippines for the last 8 years and visiting Thailand times a year I would go to Thailand for a first visit to Asiathere is a much better set up for tourists and it's relatively easier to get around.

Although Thailand gets 5 times as many tourists as the Thailand vs philippines travel, the infrastructures are very different and they cope differently with tourism and there are still many places in Thailand which are quieter. As already said, Thai food is better than Filipino food, but that's always subject to taste. I would take a look at places like Khao LakKoh LantaKoh Lipe and Koh Chang for your visit - all very popular locations but they aren't stupidly busy. Also look at Chiang Mai for the culture element.

For a first time, 2 week holiday then the relative easiness of getting to Thailand from Montreal would win as well. Been visiting both for a number of years and on balance Thailand currently gets the nod.

Sounds brutal but some reports suggest that there has been a marked decrease in all drug related crime. Street robbery remains endemic in many cities - including metro Manila.

I have been to both like some of the others above and would definitely choose Philippines. The central islands - Visayas - and Luzon plus Palawan with the exception perhaps of the "Thailand vs philippines travel" southern end of Palawan are all safer than Sydney, London, Paris or Istanbul where sadly there have all been recent serious incidents - as there have in major Thai centres including Bangkok.

That said, nowhere is completely safe. Thai accommodation tends to be cheaper but Filipino hotels and other accommodation forms are rapidly developing as the country continues Thailand vs philippines travel experience more visitors. For instance during the past 15 years, the number of Australians visiting annually has skyrocketed to Philippines while South Koreans have similarly visited in far higher numbers.

The latter would not do so if they perceived it as in any way 'unsafe. By catching excellent Via Rail from Montreal to Toronto and then using the now cheaper Pearson Airport Express train from Union Station to Toronto Pearson airport, you can fly one stop via Vancouver with Philippine Airlines so again the advice above unfortunately is not correct, unless you want to fly all the way but since the flight departs from Toronto at hours not dailytaking the train is a relaxing option from Montreal to Toronto.

Find a good travel agent in Canada who specialises in Phiilippines but book domestic air travel in the land of Thailand vs philippines travel through the PAL or Cebu Pacific websites direct as the latter will tend to be cheaper for inter-island travel. You could also consider teh excellent 2 Go ferries depending on where you go.

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