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Scorpio woman capricorn man sexual chemistry


Please note this is a visitor forum page. If this is your first visit to this site I recommend reading my Capricorn and Scorpio compatibility article on this relationship first. I also have a Capricorn man guide and Scorpio woman guide which contain a lot of questions and answers related to this relationship. If you would like to post your own experience or question please use the form at the bottom of this page. I met a Capricorn man and I was blown away by how intense it was!

It didn't last long at all He had such a strong sense of self It was a challenge for me too I was a total Scorpio girl and he put up a wall Two strong minded people going at it But I daydream about him everyday and check my phones for texts Maybe he'll surprise me and come back!

I am completely in love with a Capricorn man. He is 18 years my senior and he came into my life so unexpectedly. The sex is Scorpio woman capricorn man sexual chemistry and I know he likes and cares for me, but he is still very much in love with his wife who passed away from cancer over Scorpio woman capricorn man sexual chemistry year ago.

They were married for 28 years and have two sons who are both grown up.

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He has bowled me over! I have been with a Capricorn man for the past six months and any Scorpio woman just have to be patient.

We have been known to be very patient, especially when it comes to relationships, but being with a cappy really tests our limits! He is a challenge and Scorpio takes challenge seriously. He is such a complicated person.

He hides behind a thick glass wall. I'm dating a Capricorn male at this time. What a complex man he is. As a Scorpio female, he really is a challenge or better yet 'a piece of work'.

There have been a couple of occasions, where I have wanted to throw the towel in the ring and call it quits. I agree with all the above comments; truth be told, I believe this guy is worth it, so I will be patient and supportive of him.

But I guess I can be patient. Thanks for all the comments, I guess he is worth the wait!!! I met a Capricorn one night, we have texted. We met up again tonight and he flirted with my friend, but he likes me. He doesn't seem like a puzzle yet. His Venus is in Scorpio, so we are a perfect match.

I am with a Capricorn, we've been together for almost two years. I am def a die hard Scorp! This man is a piece of work, but them walls mayun! Ive never experienced anything like this before and I love it. Ive attempted to throw in the towel, and he has always used that logic for me to stay. He's the one to tell me to be patient with him. We've talked about children and marriage, Im only 22 and he's So we understand we still Scorpio woman capricorn man sexual chemistry eat our cake.

My Cap ain't goin nowhere!

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I love the challenge! I'm a Scorpio woman whose split from her Leo husband and have recently met a Capricorn guy and I can't believe how well we connect with each other. Scorpio woman capricorn man sexual chemistry trouble is when he met me he'd also met another lady at about the same time and she is still in the 'picture' so we are just friends but I'm falling for him - I can't resist him He phones, texts and emails me and we've been out together quite a few times, nothing intimate has occurred which makes me think that their must be something on his part to 'hold him' to me.

I'm a passionate Scorpio woman mesmerized with a Capricorn man. He is my ideal lover but does not know how much I love him. I give him love and attention all that he needs most of all I am a typical classy woman I understand his personality but I'm making sure he feels the same way about me. Everybody is saying be patient but being a Scorpio woman it not easy when you want something I know for sure us Scorpios when we want something we go for it and only time will tell if true love exists.

I'm a Scorpio woman working towards a relationship with a Capricorn man. He is very book smart and goal-oriented.

I sometimes feel like what he's saying goes way over my head but despite that I find him fascinating and can listen to him for hours. We are both VERY reserved and have a hard time expressing our feelings to each other I hope as time goes on we become more comfortable with one another because our physical chemistry is intense.

I am a total Scorpio woman and I was involved for a long period of time with a Capricorn man. It might not be that long actually, a little over a year, but in that time I couldn't get his wall to come down.

Now, I can be a very patient Scorpio woman capricorn man sexual chemistry when it comes to getting something that I want. We had chemistry and a certain comfort between us, but he was just out of a very chaotic relationship, and I just couldn't break that wall.

I had to throw in the towel cause I don't really have time to waste, especially when he couldn't even really let me know his feelings for me. I wouldn't often hear through other people that he really liked me.

Anyway, I had to end things, but I miss him. I hope he comes back and realizes there is something special between us. I am a cap female and date women. I've only gone out with a Capricorn man and it lasted 7 weeks. At first he seemed like a perfect person, but I realized that he was just a charmer. I am a deep Scorpio and I am proud to Scorpio woman capricorn man sexual chemistry that I am one, but he made me feel like he was in charge all the time and we had to do everything his way.

I know that he was eyeing up some other girl, us Scorpios just know by our gut instinct, and it was right! I found out that a few months after, he's going out with her. I don't need to research, but I've got plenty of people who tell me things.

Personally I think Cancerians are good, mine lasted 8 months, but I was a bit young and vulnerable.

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