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Pua building attraction


The key to successful pickup is attraction. It is very important to understand that women are not men.

This sounds obvious, but it is the key to game. What while our primary attraction switches are visual, women "Pua building attraction" much more attracted to behavioral cues. Paying attention to your appearance and getting in shape will help you, but nowhere near as much as it would help a woman. Developing your ability to see and understand status will help your pickup immensely. Make a habit of assessing the status of everyone you run into in different social situations.

Start noticing the behaviour that high-status people engage in, compared to low status people, and incorporate it into your behaviour. The high status person sits in the most comfortable chair. He has "Pua building attraction" good view of the room.

He speaks slowly because he trusts people will listen. He often speaks first or last in the conversation.