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One day they bunnyhopped Onsomeshit com few homeless guys for an Instagram video. It got a ton of likes and shares but it also pissed off a bunch of people. I tagged the video as being filmed in Downtown LA and that pushed it into some non-BMX newsfeeds and a few people raised enough of a fuss that a few local community organizations posted about it on Facebook too.

Then someone must have submitted it to the local news. Yesterday as Stevie, John Hicks and I were leaving the store to go riding a news crew ran up on me with their cameras rolling and questioned me about the video. I suppose this is where I should apologize for sort of kind of condoning my friends bunnyhopping over a couple of homeless people.

Onsomeshit com news are trying to pass this off as us "Onsomeshit com" no respect for the homeless, which apparently passes for a legitimate news story in Maybe, just maybe, some little kid will see that video and get motivated to ride down the street and bunnyhop over some shit, human or not.

Comments Matthew Starkey says: December 17, at This is the park of BMX. Onsomeshit com consequences can arise from this kind of stuff, like a ban on biking on public sidewalks.

None of us like bans on biking. How Onsomeshit com fuck is this worse than this https: Thanks to this OSS. People just need to stop bitching and moaning about a couple street clips. Ok he hopped a homeless guy if you got a problem.

Damn Adam, your a dick and a piece of shit for not taking down this video. Come back to Philly and we can be pieces of shit together. They need to get the hell outta the streets. Im kind of dissapointed that adam didnt tell them to fuck off. Why does the news care so much about shit like this when there are actuall problems in the world. Go jump all over some shit kids.

Man if they think bunny hopping the homeless is so bad i wonder what they would think of the guy i used to know who would go around and write graffiti on sleeping homeless people. People should just take the big fucking stick out of there ass and learn to laugh.

Oh big deal they jumped "Onsomeshit com" homeless people. Its not the publics falt that their homeless they did Onsomeshit com to them sellfs and its not like they even cared they were sleeping too i like the vid its dope! This is some whack shit. No one should have to complain.

You yourself should know that using a person who Onsomeshit com down on their luck is some bunk shit. Man up and own up to the Onsomeshit com that it was a bad idea and shows a total lack of empathy.

Ramps for tramps……it writes itself. I personally think it was a bad choice on his part. When the oldest, most rational decision maker of the group is david grant, these kind of things should be expected to happen. What about when Sean burns hopped that one homeless guy or when Kyle painter fell on one.

What like 3 years ago or something. Funny how social media brings so much hate. But do most of us do anything about it?

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