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Homosexual marriage statistics ukraine


Illegal in some contexts.

History Homosexual activity in Ukraine? Current status since Dec 12, Same-sex marriage in Ukraine? Dec 12, —Sep 10, Legalization required under Eu court ruling. Recognized under EU law. Right to change legal gender in Ukraine?

LGBT Rights in Ukraine: homosexuality,...

Legal, surgery not required. Only requirement is that you have to be over 25 years old. Missing non binary options on documents.

Same-sex adoption in Ukraine? Oct 31, —Sep 16, No laws in place for same sex couples.

In Ukraine, same-sex marriages are...

LGBT discrimination in Ukraine? Current status since Nov 12, Nov 12, —Oct 19, Since full protections.

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Jun 28, —Nov 12, LGBT employment discrimination in Ukraine? Sexual orientation and gender identity. LGBT housing discrimination in Ukraine? Homosexuals serving openly in military in Ukraine?

Equal age of consent in Ukraine? Current status since Sep 1, Blood donations by MSMs in Ukraine?

Current status since Jan 1, Conversion therapy in Ukraine? Top Contributors Ausyk 8 contributions vviet93 3 contributions kevinkobori 2 contributions grey-tundra 1 contribution bjb 1 contribution. Consensual sexual activity between individuals of the same sex.

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