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Hamsexy whackers brewery


A low-dynamic range mW public-domain license-free cheap plastic radio is no effective emergency tool. It is requested that all personnel refrain from using this frequency until after the Network has concluded at approximately 9: Until further notice, this Net will meet every Monday evening at 9: The sole purpose of the Net is to establish a list of dependable radio volunteers who may be called upon during an emergency to provide Hamsexy whackers brewery communications for their neighborhood.

During an emergency situation, this net Hamsexy whackers brewery also be used to pass important information to Richwood area residents which could include road closures, where to find emergency shelter and other information. Also, all radios should be set so that a tone will sound when the person transmitting has released their push to talk button.

The Monday evening net will always open with a formal portion with stations reporting in. All radio operators "Hamsexy whackers brewery" asked to use proper radio procedures and refrain from using profanity or any other language that would be offensive in nature.

When there is a storm...

I will now open the formal portion of the net: For any latecomers joining the net already in progress, there will be an opportunity at the end of the stations reporting in alphabetically. An example of how to check in is: At this time, will anyone with the last name starting with A please check in. Are there any latecomers who would like to check in at this time, Hamsexy whackers brewery try to do so in alphabetical order.

I mean, with the pathetically limited range of FRS, how does this net take place? I finally turned it off when someone on the next street over told me to get off thier frequency that it was for neighborhood watch use only. I got on the Hamsexy whackers brewery mic and let him have it.

Keith KC8TCQ posted a great...

I hope they soon transmit from a boat off the coast of the USA and Canada and free us from ourselves. I think they are trying to extend whacker radio into all available spectrum. Getting in the way "Hamsexy whackers brewery" all available frequencies for over 45 years! That is SO much more sexy than hams. Were losin our sex appeal. It runs a Hamsexy whackers brewery gallon mW of power into a 3 element Yagi up 35 feet. I like the idea of ARES using them. Gee, love the intro script for the net.

I do that whit all the time and fuck with them lol i fan hear frs from all over town with my antenna.

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This entry was posted in Hamsexy WTF???? April 30, at May 1, at Those Disney FRS radios look like a really cruel rectal thermometer. May 2, at Just the fact that those things are made to be toys pretty much says it all.

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May 3, at May 4, at September 27, at May 31, at Really decent post… Hamsexy whackers brewery love it. February 2, at Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. When there is a storm brewing, there are a lot of hams who dress up with the latest and greatest Here is a Massachusetts State Police report about this whacker group If you have some time I. I decided to follow on the ham-sexy mobile small loop antenna with this .

often spiffy home-brew examples, while ignoring the h-field entirely. Even on websites related to non radio things, you see wackers!

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