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Domo and crissy snapchat


Constantly groping each other and talk to each other in baby speak.

Crissy cries at the smallest things. I like watching their vlogs. I've been watching Domo for a few years, so I guess i'm kind of biased. I do find it kind of strange that Domo and crissy snapchat 22 year old has wanted to have a baby for a considerable amount of time.

Crissy worries me a bit. I don't know why, but I really hope she doesn't bounce when Dominic comes along. But I have to agree with you, their baby-talk annoys me as well. Omfg I've been wanting a thread for these idiots to happen for so long! I can not stand the baby talk! And planning to have a baby when they were barely together a year, stupid.

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Maybe not for mature adults. But for them, completely stupid! I can barely stand watching their vlogs anymore.


Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Does anyone watch them? Domo and Chrissy have promoted before. There was a Snapchat earlier of Crissy taking a dump on the toilet whilst talking to Domo.

Way to put me off Domo and crissy snapchat breakfast. I cannot stand the stupid baby talk -- all the freaking time: Can't believe that they decided to buy a puppy three months before the baby's due I would love to know how they seem to have an unlimited amount of Domo and crissy snapchat to spend just from YouTube cheques alone!

I can understand why their channel has got so many views in such a short amount of time though, it's pretty interesting viewing. I'd like for them to stay together but I really doubt that will happen.

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Their relationship seems very shallow and when you add a newborn into a Domo and crissy snapchat even a very well established one it's a huge change and a lot of stress. They were only dating for 7 months I think when they did the IVF.

And I totally didn't know Domo is only 22 D: I thought she was 27 and Crissy was younger.

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And "Domo and crissy snapchat" annoys me so much that they name the baby Dominic Wow I have stumbled upon their videos every once in a while but I could never watch a whole thing I would skip a lot. I didn't know they hadn't even been together a year! That's just as insane as a teen girl wanting to keep her boyfriend around with an "accidental" pregnancy.

Yeah naming the baby Domonic made me cringe so much I hope they tone down the swearing and inappropriate PDAs once he's here too. It's the screaming that gets me, always screaming and I hate to say it but Domo's eyes freak me the fuck out sometimes it's like she's staring into my soul Sent from my D using Tapatalk. Oh god the eyes, I get what you mean I do think she's prettier than Crissy though, in Domo and crissy snapchat swimsuit video they did I couldn't believe how hot Dommo's body was before pregnancy I think it's a shame she always hides it under those baggy clothes.

Unlike Crissy with her muffin top and skintight leggings showing off her underwear How did they get ivf? I thought the counselling alone would be a long process. Not something for a short term relationship.

And if they had counselling they probably would have been discouraged from doing it. There is no way they will stay together for the long run. Domo was trying to get pregnant way before she got with crissy she said in a video before that she wanted a baby and was in the process of getting a donor.

I like them, can't watch them all the time but I think they're funny. It will be a hard transition for them, that I'm not sure they have realistic ideas about but it will be interesting to watch. I think Domo will have an easier time with it though, not just because she's the bio "Domo and crissy snapchat" either. They curse a little bit too much for my taste, which is one reason why I don't always watch them. I have a lot of family members like that though, surprisingly their kids don't have potty mouths so I guess it works for some.

I'm pretty sure Domo was trying to get pregnant for a while. It was IUI right? I think it's also less extensive counseling for that since it involves less.

I was surprised they didn't have a forum sooner though. They're Domo and crissy snapchat making good money. I didn't know they got a dog: Maybe it will be a good preparation for them?

Several months ago these two popped up on my recommended feed.

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I was drawn in for one reason or another. A few videos in and a subscription later, I was turned off. The constant yelling was way up there on the list of reasons. I find them strange.

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