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Christmas stamps from post office


A Christmas stamp is a postage stamp with a Christmas theme, intended for use on seasonal mail such as Christmas cards. Many countries of the world issue such stamps, which are regular postage stamps in contrast to Christmas seals and are usually valid for postage year-round in some countries they have a discounted value and are for use exclusively on Christmas cards.

They usually go on sale some time between early October and early December, and are printed in considerable quantities. It is a matter of some debate as to which is the first Christmas stamp.

Christmas stamps from post office Canadian map stamp of bears an inscription "XMAS ", but it was actually issued to mark the inauguration of the Imperial Penny Postage rate.

The Christmas connection has long been reported to have been the result of quick thinking; William Mulock was proposing that it be issued on 9 November, to "honor the Prince" meaning the Prince of Walesbut when Queen Victoria asked "what Prince? InBritish Forces troops stationed in Egypt were issued with a Christmas stamp for their mail home. InAustria issued two "Christmas greeting stamps" featuring a rose and zodiac signs.

InBrazil issued four semi-postal stamps with designs featuring the three kings and a star, an angel and child, the Southern Cross and a child, and a mother and child. In Hungary also issued a semi-postal whose additional fees were to pay for "soldiers' Christmas". The first stamps to depict the Nativity were the Hungary issue of These were all one-time issues, more like commemorative stamps than regular issues. The next Christmas stamps did not appear untilwhen Cuba issued designs with poinsettias and bells, followed by HaitiLuxembourg and Spainthen AustraliaKoreaand Liechtenstein In cases such as Australia, the issuance marked the first of what became an annual tradition.

Many more nations took up the practice during the s, including the United States and United Kingdom By the s, approximately postal administrations were issuing Christmas Christmas stamps from post office, mostly on an annual basis. Islamic countries constitute the largest group of non-participants, although the Palestinian Authority has issued Christmas stamps since Although some tropical islands produce large-format Christmas stamps primarily intended for sale to stamp collectorsfor the rest of the world, Christmas stamps are "working stamps" that will be used in Christmas stamps from post office numbers to send greeting cards and postcards.

Accordingly, the stamps tend to be normal-sized, and offered in one or a few denominations, for instance to cover differing domestic and international rates. The choice of designs is highly variable, ranging from an overtly religious image of the Nativityto secular images of Christmas treeswreathsSanta Clausand so forth.

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