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Health on health p. Mike Leigh goes happy-go-lucky p.

What the commercials don't show...

Healthy wanking "Liviu prunaru wife sexual dysfunction" p. A healthy state of affairs A healthy dose of reality A healthy bank account A healthy bouncing baby A healthy looking corpse A healthy kick in the balls A healthy all-bran snack A healthy political arena A healthy day at the spa A healthy night of sleep A healthy round of drinks A healthy sized burger A healthy historical perspective A healthy diagnostic system So tune in next week for The Unhealthy Issue.

Agenda submissions are welcome, at least two weeks in advance. On a recent sun-drenched visit to new Amsterdam grocery store Marqt, the usual street-side crates of mouth-watering produce had been replaced by a cheery avalanche of locally grown strawberry plants for sale, all bearing almost-ripe fruit.

By Sari Cooper, Certified Sex...

The idea was to buy the plant, grow the fruit at home and enjoy the sweettart pleasure of delayed gratification. And with this shift, health-conscious people are demanding more flavour and "Liviu prunaru wife sexual dysfunction" of a carbon footprint from the products they purchase. The whole idea of choice has changed. At Marqt, Quirijn Bolle, and his business partner, Meike Beeren, say they keep three key factors in mind for their food: And in that order!

Bolle, a former Ahold employee, spent a lot of time observing how larger supermarkets conduct business, and he felt it was time to radically change the model. Because all supermarkets essentially sell the same products—the same bottles of Coke and the same bags of Doritos—their business plans constantly revolve around cost-cutting as a means of survival.

Liviu prunaru wife sexual dysfunction long after a supermarket begins to accept product from a small farmer, they will have to ask if they can have the product for ten per cent cheaper, and another ten per cent the next year. Small businesses cannot survive that way. Producers from the market donated asparagus, and the Slow Food volunteers cooked it and gave it away to customers while discussing the principles behind Slow Food.

Van Hartesveld was clearly delighted with the results. Bolle is also impressed. The science fiction film Gattaca portrays a futuristic dystopia of new eugenics, in which embryos are genetically manipulated to produce ideal children.

In the resulting society, DNA determines social class, with genetic discrimination replacing outmoded biases of race and gender. His work examines the ethics of human life extension—what some biologists predict will be possible within 25 years. Central to the human enhancement debate is transhumanism, an extreme ideology developed in the s by futurists in the US. Its proponents believe that science and technology can transform humans into a more developed species— an enhanced version of Homo sapiens in the evolutionary line-up.

As both a Christian and a biophysicist, Dekker believes there Liviu prunaru wife sexual dysfunction a fine line between human rehabilitation and enhancement, and sees human dignity as central to his argument. In a debate that promises to be the highlight of the symposium, Dekker will go head-to-head with Dr.

Peter-Paul Verbeek, philosopher of technology at the Universiteit Twente, who argues in favour of some forms of human enhancements. Verbeek believes human dignity cannot be separated from technology, because technology makes us human. Betere mensen maken, 15 May, Free reservations Liviu prunaru wife sexual dysfunction www.

Live to be The trick is to keep breathing. By Steve Korver So how does one live a long, healthy and balanced life? I feel better already. Turning 80 on 18 July, Vinkenoog starts celebrating this week at the Bimhuis by declaiming his poetry backed "Liviu prunaru wife sexual dysfunction" a jazz band. Around the official birthday itself, there will be events organised at OBA public library and much will be published: Yes, the man is still busy. Vinkenoog has lived—and continues to do so.

He started publishing poems, magazines and novels before returning to Amsterdam in And like his friend, the late American poet Allen Ginsberg, he moved with the times. And indeed, the couple still. He also thinks that ethics continually evolve: Now it would be considered immoral to operate on someone without anaesthesia, he adds. Could our current methods of prenatal diagnosis and selective abortion mirror that development?

Clinical geneticist Dr Mariet Elting will share her experiences as a genetic counsellor, discussing whether parents are expressing a desire not just Liviu prunaru wife sexual dysfunction healthy children, but more perfect progeny.

Children are always confronted with the expectations and ideals of their parents, but when growing up, they can resist that. But a change in your genetic makeup You can stay busy your entire life trying to perfect yourself by means of operations and surgery. For Verbeek, cosmetic surgery reveals how technology reorganises the way in which people relate to the world, where personal ethics and aesthetics merge. That is a very difficult thing, and we might ask ourselves if we want that to continue.

For twenty years he had...

Where does rehabilitation end and enhancement begin? We are not pure. That was the day we discovered the internet. Be entertained by the social games you play! Look degrees around you! There are no endings, just et ceteras! Always be in a process! Smell the mutation in the air! Be a generalist, not a specialist! Keep your own street clean!

Regard every pain as a growing pain! Vinkenoog takes me on a tour of the garden, one in which even gnomes would have trouble getting around, but not Vinkenoog. He shows me his latest project: The emerging path has a sign: These few books form a metrehigh pile, but the one he really wants to show me is called Live to be by a certain S Sage.

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