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Born into an illustrious ancestry of eighteenth-century India, Sophia Duleep Singh was the Sikh princess who inherited the complicated legacy of her grandfather, Maharaja of the Sikh empire, Ranjit Singh, Duleep singh wife sexual dysfunction well as the last Sikh Maharaja deposed by the British — her father Duleep Singh.

Despite the Queen sovereign Rani Jindaan making Duleep the heir apparent; at age the of five he was separated from his mother for eleven years, before being exiled to England at age The vast expanse and strength of Sikh rule had posed a threat to their colonial pursuits since long. Queen Victoria took a fancy to the young Duleep and took him under her patronage.

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However, he who had once ruled most of northern India and owned what was then the largest diamond in the world, the Kohinoor now part of the Crown Jewels — was set on Duleep singh wife sexual dysfunction collision course with Britain.

He had struggled to acknowledge the annexation of his lands and power. Despite having converted to Christianity and making his home in England, he wanted to wrest back his kingdom and faith. Though he reconverted to Sikhism, sabotage by the British foiled his attempts at wresting back his kingdom. It housed leopards, beneath the nursery and jewel-coloured parrots.

By age 10, Sophia was well aware of her tumultuous identity and the baggage that came with it. Duleep Singh set sail for India, Duleep singh wife sexual dysfunction to stir up unrest and restore his birthright. He never saw India again. However, the Maharajah refused to relinquish his claim and blamed Britain for the problems that befell him. He was distraught and unfortunately fell into gambling, drinking and debt.

This saw Sophia, her five siblings and mother, in dire straits and orphaned soon after.

Queen Victoria, who was fond of Sophia and facing no threat from their state of affairs, gave her a house in Duleep singh wife sexual dysfunction Court.

She was introduced to high society as a debutante, along with her sisters Princess Bamba and Princess Catherine Duleep Singh. Sophia realized that she and her family had lost to the very people she called friends. Later she also visited India in This was a moment of transformation. She was influenced by the leader of the Swadeshi MovementLala Lajpat Rai and other "Duleep singh wife sexual dysfunction." The concept of Indian independence from the British sowed the seeds of radicalism in her.

All this and more made her a changed woman. With the kind of privileges she enjoyed, Princess Sophia could have lived an easy life, but she sought to fight inequality, both in England and India. This was the first time the British took note of the Suffragette movement and a member of British monarchy stood boldly at the forefront. Princess Sophia refused to pay taxes on her carriage, servants and dogs. She believed in forceful protest as well as vocally supporting the movement.

Besides her political awakening, she worked for the destitute Asian sailors of the East End, the liberation of women, the freedom of India and in First World Warfor the Indian soldiers wounded on the Western Front.

She raised money for Indian troops deployed on the Western Front, who were hardly equipped to combat the unfamiliar, bitter cold. The Sikh honour of Punjab royalty and that of India was intertwined in her persona.

The editorial in the suffragist newspaper The Vote in argued that: Sophia Duleep singh wife sexual dysfunction this sentiment. It was a strange paradox of her placement in social convention and divided loyalties which dissuaded her from being a leader in the real sense. George V was befuddled as Sophia sold suffragist papers right outside her residence Hampton Court. Bailiffs entered her home, took away her goods and disenfranchised her, but the defiant Princess refused to pay both Duleep singh wife sexual dysfunction and fines for non-payment.

King George V was so vexed by her behaviour that he exclaimed: They divided into groups and marched to the House of Commons to stage a protest. Prime Minister Herbert Asquith had sabotaged legislation that gave property-owning women the right to vote.

Sophia stood steadfast alongside Emmeline Pankhurst. In front of her and Emmeline, the Suffragettes were brutalized violently outside the House of Commons. The police, rather than making arrests, had been directed by Home Secretary Winston Churchill to tire them out with various tactics.

After five long hours, Sophia broke through the cordon to charge at an officer assaulting a woman. Having caught hold of him, she demanded his serial number and formally complained about police brutality.

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