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Am i hookup a player quiz nba


He was terrible, but we still had a good time. I'm also decent friends with Kyrie Irving -- met him through a mutual friend the summer after he was drafted, now we both live in Cleveland. And by Am i hookup a player quiz nba friends" I mean that he probably still remembers my name. I rented a room in a frat house during the summer of '99 and there were about a dozen off us, including a trashy big titty redhead that was renting a room at that time.

The entire house had to share one Am i hookup a player quiz nba system and about twice a week around 3am you would hear on the intercom, "Christine you have a phone call. A friend of mine saw Greg Oden at a party and he walked in and just yelled "Who wants to suck Greg Oden's dick? I've tried this so many times and it never works.

I should probably replace "Greg Oden" with my own name. Funny thing is this is the same story that went around about Terrelle Pryor when he was here, so I'm not sure what to believe. These are common urban myth-type stories, I think. People tell this exact story at every major sports university with the all-star's name. I can confirm Demarcus did this while in Lexington Wall seemed embarrassed, and Demarcus thought it was funny. I'm not from Raleigh myself but the people I know who go here that met him in HS tend to agree.

Last year, I was in...

Quinn Cook might have been the funniest person I have ever met. Was Rivers as much of dick as he seemed to be? And are the rumors about him causing chemistry problems true? He was actually a really nice guy. Not a dick at all, and surprisingly humble. Even gave me his number, and I contacted him before a Hornets GSW game over Christmas Break and he came over to my seats before the game. I tutored Taj Grey in high school.

Dude was one of the nicest people I've ever met. However, the sign held up at the Big 12 tournament "If you can read this, then you're not Taj Grey" might have been accurate too.

This brings up a story that happened when I was "Am i hookup a player quiz nba" or 9. I went to Elementary school with Taj. It was Emerson Magnet school in Wichita, yeah a magnet school, which is kind of weird.

Anyway, he was well known because of how tall he was and how good he was at basketball and football. One of my favorite memories at this elementary school was when I caught a TD pass and ran it in for a TD after a juke.

The pass was thrown by Taj. A girl I know who went to Duke once was at a party and was playing beer pong. JJ Reddick was there and came over to talk to her. Don't remember the conversation before, but it eventually got to this point:. My buddy did that to Gavin Edwards at a UConn party.

He was acting like everyone should know him so my friend pretended to not know who he was and then talk about everyone else on the team. I saw him at Sgt.

You are at the top...

Pep's one night before a game and told him good luck tomorrow and shook his hand haha. I've heard a lot of girls on campus say that they meet Sheehey at parties and he is a real dick. Everyone that has met Oladipo loves him, though. Oladipo is a great guy. My younger sister has run into him a few times on campus and he's always singing to people and being an outgoing, rad dude. I've gotta agree with both of these. Sheehey is a huge, pretentious fuck.

He was over for a party one night this was last year and could not stop talking about how he deserved more attention from the media and how he wasn't getting the credit he deserved.

Oladipo is a class Am i hookup a player quiz nba. A little quiet but that's never a bad thing. His humility is going to take him places, in my opinion. He was at the same party with Sheehey, cruising around the basement taking pictures and looking tall. What a fucking guy. I always thought Oladipo would be sooo cocky in person, because he plays cocky.

Turns out, he's a pretty cool dude. My friend tells a story about Sheehey where he said something to a girl, and the girl went on to yell and curse him out for being an ass for like 5 minutes, and when she's done he asks her if she wants to hook Am i hookup a player quiz nba. Unsurprisingly, she said fuck off. I love his attitude on the floor though, and he's one of the best 6th men in the country, but man he does seem like a tool From what I've heard he is. I've only heard good things about Abell, Zeller, Hulls, those guys, but it seems like Sheehey is the token jerk on IU.

If I remember correctly, he along with Perea was actually injured for that. He didn't compete in the dunk contest, the long distance shot contest, or the scrimmage. I've heard similar stories about Sheehey and I agree you can tell just by his court demeanor that he's a douche.

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I've met Victor several times and he's always been really cool and great to be around. I've met most of the team and I've never had a bad experience with any of them, they're all very gracious and cool. I worked at a restaurant in Bloomington for a few years and the players would always come in to eat together in groups.

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