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How to disappear from a relationship


Breakups are a part of every relationship.

Ghosting, if you don't know,...

Some breakups tend to be more amicable than the others whereas some breakups are acrimonious or just plain awkward and very uncomfortable. How great would it be if you could end a relationship and at the same time avoid the hassle of ending a relationship? Like cutting a partner out of your life as quickly, decisively and with as little effort as possible?

Why do people disappear in...

In ghosting, you just disappear from your significant others live. You let their calls go to voicemail, and you place their number on the block list so that you do not receive any messages from them; leaving your partner thinking if you are even alive or not. To disappear into the ether like a phantom leaving your ex to wonder for themselves if they have been dumped is what ghosting is all about.

But why do people who wish to end relationships do so by disappearing? There are many reasons why people prefer ending their relations by choosing to disappear. Some common reasons for ghosting are mentioned below, so keep on reading to find out. Or how I dance? Or how I am in bed?

no warning? Well, here are...

Ghosting, however, saves you from all this drama. This method of breakup is more convenient, simple and an easy way out which is why people prefer it.

In my previous article Why...

A lot of people who decide to break up tend to contemplate their actions and decisions before carrying them out. These people are so embarrassed over their decisions that they tend to try and avoid the accusations How to disappear from a relationship drama that follows after a breakup. To prevent the truth being thrown on their faces, they decide to take the easy road and just disappear. This is one of the reasons that most people give when asked on why they ghosted their partners instead of going through a proper breakup.

This is one of the most selfish and idiotic reason because most people prefer being told the truth on their faces instead of being ghosted. Being ghosted is a kick in the stomach and is also one of the most cowardly steps to cope out of hurting your partner; and instead of feeling bad, these people tend to put on a selfless rode and pretend that they are doing a good deed by not putting their partners through the pain of confrontation.

Almost everyone who has been...

In an early relationship or a new relationship, there can be a very wide range of attachments. After a string of long and romantic text messages, one or three dates, one person might feel more fully invested in the relationship than the other. Ghosting might be perceived as a form of emotional abuse, and it brings with it all the psychological and emotional repercussions attached to it after experiencing this.

This is an extremely traumatizing experience because you might leave the other person in the air hanging without any closure or any explanation as to what and why you are breaking up.

The person who gets ghosted might keep building up scenarios in their head as to why they were ghosted and this will not only affect them physically but also mentally, and they might just never be the same again.

So instead of ghosting, be mature, grow up and give the other person some closure. Your email address will not be published. Afraid Of confrontation A lot of people who decide to break up tend to contemplate their actions and decisions before carrying them out.

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