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Chi he matchmaking


Standard Gun Reload Times Nominal: The Type 1 Chi-He is a Japanese tier 4 medium tank.

It was developed inbut due to the lack of steel, production did not start until A total of tanks were manufactured. Most of them were held for the defense of Japan and never saw combat.

This tank, while not the fastest, can get to advantageous positions quite quickly, especially once the tank has been upgraded with the top tracks and engine. Due to rather underperforming armor, minimizing exposure is advised.

The grind can be quite difficult, but if second-line support is your playstyle, this tank is incredible once upgraded! The Chi-He is also unbearably sluggish when stock, but you will quickly wonder if your driving a new tank once you get the Chi he matchmaking tracks and engine.

When it comes to the two top guns, the stats above are incorrect The only place where the 75mm is better than the 57mm is when using HE, since the 75mm "Chi he matchmaking" a bigger gun can actually do something with it's tiny HE dmg. However, since this is a sniping Chi he matchmaking, not a brawler, this is usually ill-advised and only useful against enemy light tanks.

A total of tanks were...

Overall, the Type 1 Chi-He is a difficult tank to play right and seemingly an easy kill when stock Afterthe Imperial Japanese Chi he matchmaking quickly realized that its s designed medium tank, the Type 97 Chi-Ha, was inferior to the s generation of Allied armor, such as the M4 Sherman.

In response, a new series of tanks based on an improved Type 97 design was conceived.

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The first of this new series was the Type 1 Chi-He. Work on the design began in However, production did not begin untildue to the higher priority of steel allocated to the Imperial Navy for warship construction. A total of units were built from —44, and they did not see any combat. Compared to the Type 97, the Type 1 Chi-He was slightly longer and taller. Its angled, thicker frontal armor was welded, as opposed to riveted.

The adding of the frontal armor and a fifth crewman increased the weight, but the "streamlining" of the hull Chi he matchmaking the increase to only 1. The Mitsubishi Type diesel engine at hp provided 70 hp more power than Chi he matchmaking Mitsubishi Type 97 diesel engine, and was thus more than able to compensate for the additional weight in armor.

The Type 1 Chi-He's 47 mm high-velocity gun had a barrel length of 2. It was more reliable and more accurate, but did require the installation of elevation gear on the earlier Type 97 the gunner had to physically move the gun up or down on his shoulder. In light of these improvements, the gun was adequate against Allied armor.

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The ammunition was the same as used with the anti-tank version of the gun. The tanks carried rounds of ammunition with both armor-piercing and armor-piecing high explosive shells.

The gun was placed in a three-man turret, which had space for the commander, gun-layer and loader. The Type 1 Chi-He was also the first Japanese tank to carry a radio as standard equipment in each tank, eliminating the need to use signal flags. Chi he matchmaking

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