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Asexuality cake analogy


I opened up to some friends today. Not super close friends, but close enough that I knew they wouldn't think very differently of me yet at the same time would accept me and try to understand me. I'd give you the details but I'm in a hurry. They couldn't understand how the two were even remotely related, yet to me and other asexuals, I find the analogy perfect. I think this failed usage of the cake analogy exposes Asexuality cake analogy fundamental concern when speaking with sexuals: The cultural rift is so wide that it might not ever be possible for them to understand.

The concept of asexuality --...

And since we don't feel sexual attraction, we don't understand what's so special about it. Since they do, they see how it's special right away. Is it truly possible to explain to a sexual person how Asexuality cake analogy feel?

Has anybody else encountered similar situations where you try soooo hard to explain asexuality to kind, supportive, and accepting sexuals, and they really just don't get it at all? Has anybody else used the cake analogy with meager results? Does the term AS3 Asexuals in support of supportive sexuals have any real meaning?

My roommate find it impossible to believe that you can be attracted to someone without wanting "Asexuality cake analogy" with them. Maybe try to use the same analogy with something they just take for granted. No matter how hard I try to explain it to my sister who admittedly doesn't consider sex as having any large importance in her life she doesn't understand. Just when I Asexuality cake analogy she's getting it she'll say "Have you ever had an orgasm?

Because maybe, rather than being asexual I'm JohnSexual, and there is someone out there named John who I will inexplicably feel sexually attracted to, but no one else, just John.

I've yet to have the chance to use the Chocolate Cake Analogy capitalized even with her though.

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