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The CCC believes that, it is the responsibility of the government and above all the law enforcement authorities to act with utmost responsibility, respecting the principles of democracy and the rights of citizens for freedom of expression, peaceful protest and engagement with the authorities, which are the fundamental ethos that the people of this country voted for and wanted to restore under a common banner of "yaha-palanaya", on January 8, One should even for a moment not forget that those who are protesting are the youth of this country and the next generation of leaders, eagerly seeking their rightful place in the society.

It is the bounden responsibility of all concerned to engage them with due respect and address their grievances, before they become a major problem. Therefore, we believe that it is high time that the government and the bureaucracy think new ways of engagement with all segments of the society to solve the many burning problems that were neglected and put aside for decades, building confidence and hope amongst the citizens.

The promises that were made during Peshala manoj wife sexual dysfunction presidential and parliamentary elections to restore "yaha-palanaya" must be seen as delivered in every action that the government takes, for the people to restore confidence.

The CCC recently adopted and published ten-principles which we believe as the key fundamentals that needs to be focused and implemented for transforming the Sri Lankan "Peshala manoj wife sexual dysfunction" and this incident falls well within three of the 10 principals, namely 'Good Governance, Policy Stability and Regulatory Quality', 'National Integration, Harmony and Inclusiveness', and 'Demand-focused Education and Skills Development'. As stated during the announcement of these principles, our actions as well as reactions and engagement with all stakeholders will be based on these principles.

Ceylon Daily News —. Cortege leaves at 3. Lavinia Cemetery at 4. Cortege leaves residence at 2 p. Cremation at 4 p. Arulanantham, late Dr K. Cremation will take place thereafter at Mallakam Hindu Crematorium. Uva FMexpired. Remains lie at Jayaratne Parlour. Cortege leaves residence Mahaiyawa Cemetery at Burial at Mahaiyawa Cemetery at Clement Parish Priest St.

Requiem mass at St. Remains will lie at A. Cortege leaves at 4 p. Comments Off on Obituaries: During his discussions with US officials, Dr. Harsha De Silva emphasized the importance of further promoting economic and business relations with the United States in the light of path breaking transformation taking place in Sri Lanka in terms of political reforms and addressing accountability issues.

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He discussed with US senior officials ways and means to achieve these objectives with the tools available and being designed by both countries. Deputy Minister during his stay in Washington visited the newly opened Chancery building of the Embassy, becoming the first official visitor from Sri Lanka to visit Peshala manoj wife sexual dysfunction premises. Addressing the staff on this occasion, Dr.

Harsha De Silva, alluding to the policies of the Government, emphasized the need to further promote both political and economic relations with the United States for the benefit of the people of both countries.

Beloved daughter of C. The remains lie at A. Cremation at Kohuwala Cemetery at 2 p. Christian Service at 1 p.

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Cortege leaves residence at 1. Funeral will take place at 5. Requiem Mass at St.

Retired Commissioner of Prisons. Remains lie at Jayaratne, Borella. Cortege leaves Jayaratne on Monday 2nd at 5. Gnanasegaran formerly of Indian Overseas Bankeldest daughter of late Mr. Sushila Jeyathevan MalaysiaMrs. Sakunthala Ramanathan CanadaMrs. Pathma Yoganathan GermanyMrs. Remains lie at Jayaratne Funeral Parlour. Cremation at General Cemetery, Borella at 4.

Precious son of late Mr. Cremation will take place at Borella Crematorium at 4. Karunaratne, who excelled in the field of fashion and design for almost six decades, designed costumes for several movies and theatre productions while acting in some of them too. He was the costumes designer in Nidhanaya and also acted in it. His role as Mr. The well-known newspaper fashion columnist had also sung with Deva Sooriyasena in the philharmonic choir. Kirthi Sri Karunaratne was a legend in the design industry and built a name for himself as a design specialist in a field that is governed by the fairer sex.

His weekly column in the Sunday Observer was very popular with its readers and Peshala manoj wife sexual dysfunction the "who's who" of the fashion and modelling arena managed to be featured. If you hade it to Kirthi's fashion page, then it was accepted that you have made it as a model or actress.

Upon his return he penetrated the design world since ruled by women and became Sri Lanka's fashion guru.

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