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Posted in Magic of LoveStrength of LoveThinking of You Constantlytagged always with meeasy to be withfeeling safe in love on May 14, Sweetheart… I love you is only eight letters and hardly enough to express how I feel about you.

When I say Loveletter lovingyou com three words I am telling you that my whole world revolves about you my Darling. I envision you in all that I do, and everything I Loveletter lovingyou com. Posted in Comfort of being lovedThinking of You ConstantlyWhen you're awaytagged Absence of youalways with mebeing away on March 15, My Darling… I miss you, but know the time apart will only make being in your arms again that much sweeter.

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My Darling… The days come and go quickly. I wish more of each one was spent with you. Living separate lives is becoming more and more challenging. Spending nights without you is sometimes almost unbearably difficult. Posted in Inspiration of lovePride and JoyThinking of You Constantlytagged compatibilitylove Loveletter lovingyou com a thousand little thingsseeing you clearly on November 7, My Darling… To love is meaningful.

Loving you gives me the...

To be loved means more. But to be loved by the person I love brings everything: My Darling… When distance separates us, even for a few days, my love for you is beckoned to the top of my heart. Missing you is a bitter, made sweet.

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By a near anonymous author named Nikhil Saluja Missing someone is part of loving them. Not until you are apart do you realize how much they mean to you. Posted in Hope and PossibilityLove is GrowingThinking of You Constantlytagged love reawakenedrediscovering loveunexpected love on October 28, My Dear… There is no enchantment grander than what is happening between us.

Like the poems, books, movies and songs all say… I am no Loveletter lovingyou com fully myself without you.

My Darling All that I...

Nothing ever felt this good before. Posted in Comfort of being lovedMagic of LoveThinking of You Constantlytagged loving with all my senseswanting to be around youwasting time together on October 27, I am truly, completely and absolutely in love for the first time. If you pick one out of the Loveletter lovingyou com and stare at it long enough, all the others just melt away.

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