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Find a companion


I have been happily single for nearly six years and I have spent far more time enjoying my independence than pining for a boyfriend. But now that my kids are getting older and taking up less of my time, I have found myself wishing for a companion. No matter how hard I tried to convince myself that I Find a companion start dating again, I am not looking for love.

All I want is a friend to share my life with. Friends I hang out with at play-dates with our kids or friends who keep in touch throughout the day by text. They have their own families and careers and none of them has time to hang out together, late at night in our pyjamas watching Netflix.

A new partner would Find a companion some degree of romance, perhaps to live together or get married down the line.

As you know, attraction and...

But I like being single and the last thing I need is someone touching me at the end of a long day. For single mums like me, it is hard enough to find the energy to deal with the "Find a companion" of work and home without adding in a partner. I have heard my married friends complain about the same thing and often they look to their friends to really listen and offer emotional support.

So if even my happily married friends are not feeling fulfilled, it makes dating even less appealing to me. In the past, perhaps women met their emotional needs with the company of other women but, in today's hectic world, Find a companion is only time to do so much - work and family have to come first.

My friends and I joke about creating mum compounds, where all of us live together and our kids could grow up in the village we all crave, but Find a companion one is picking up to move to the same block or apartment complex. None of us has found our way to the type of companionship we want. I have joined clubs and activities, even a gym, but none of them has led to meaningful connections that progressed much beyond adding one another on social media.

As soon as we begin scheduling meet-ups, someone's child gets sick or work gets hectic and the relationship fizzles out before it begins. My closest friends are scattered across the country and texting or messaging on Facebook is no substitute for the type of companionship I crave. So far, all that has accomplished is giving me more time to watch other people using their phones.

Everywhere I go, all I see are Find a companion on their phones and often they have headphones on and a clear "leave me alone" vibe.

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