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Yinchuan ningxia


Its built-up area is home to 1, inhabitants spread between three urban districts.

Map of Yinchuan, Ningxia, China

Facing the Yellow River in the east, Yinchuan enjoys beautiful natural scenery and favorable conditions for agriculture and has long earned the fame of a "River Side City in Yinchuan ningxia Northwest" and "Home to Fishes and Rice". Yinchuan is now the permanent site for China-Arab Expo which is an international platform for cultural and economic exchanges between China and Arab countries.

Yinchuan is a center for the Muslim Hui people, who "Yinchuan ningxia" a third of the population. Their influence is evident in everything from the city architecture, Arabic-Chinese road signs, and cuisine.

About mosques with different form and size can be seen in Yinchuan City. Yinchuan was originally a county under the name of Fuping in the 1st century BCE; its name was changed to Huaiyuan in the 6th century CE.

After the fall of the Tang dynasty init was occupied by Yinchuan ningxia Tangut Western Xia Empire and was made the capital of the empire, also causing a mass immigration of the entire native Chinese population from their newly proclaimed capital.

With the collapse of their empire, the native Tanguts of Yinchuan completely assimilated into the Han population as Lan-Yin speakers and largely continued remaining in this city. Genghis Khan died here inin a battle.

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