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Sexuality of adolf hitler


The report that this article mostly Sexuality of adolf hitler to was written by the Allies induring the height of World War II. I believe it to be highly biased, and more propaganda than a valid source. This isn't propoganda, by now these are well-known facts.

No anon, it's all speculation. I've never even heard them claim that he's gay on the History Channel and they're talking about Ancient Aliens nowadays. That's why this topic has its own article.

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To keep the thinly sourced garbage off the main page. Sexuality of adolf hitler unless someone is a sex criminal, I don't see how any person's sexuality is relevant enough to be part of their wiki page, unless they are somehow famous as a direct result of their sexuality. But I guess some people have a preoccupation with Hitler's orientation and the fact that he allegedly liked pee play draw correlary with contemporary authoritarians schmuck?

You are using Reductio ad Hitlerum. I want to add something to the masochism part of this article citing Hitler: The Pathology of Evil. How do I go about doing that? The article should be clearly merged on Article: Adolf Hitler as it is already mentioned. And all the statements there are facts Sexuality of adolf hitler it is why it does have a NPOV. The Sentences that may not be Neutral i remark them as facts and they are quotes and not opinions.

Sexuality of adolf hitler you dont want to merge the article, post your comment answering me why you think the article should not be merged. The excuse of an article being too long is totally invalid due to being no problem of space, memory or organazation on adding a little part. Also post if you agree with merging it with Article: Adolf Hitler Thank you for your time Zzubiri talk This should be merged into Article: Adolf Hitler and then speedily deleted.

The week has passed. The article meets the standard if there is maybe something to correct it would be a stub but there is not much to add with all this quotes.

The article might have been cleaned up but the tag maybe hadn't been removed by now but i Sexuality of adolf hitler the article totally clean. No mention of his wife?!