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Mark jones wall of sound wife sexual dysfunction


In the end the only punk album in its truest definition was Never Mind The Bollocks. This was punk with all its contradictions from showbiz to schizoid, from manipulative management to the greatest fiercest rock n Roll record ever, fiery fury, claustrophobic compressed controversy and thrilling noise.

It was like nothing else. This had nothing to do with the Ramones or the American bands. This was pure undistilled English punk rock that also somehow managed to be a great pop record but brimful of self loathing, anger and acidic poetry. A work of eternal genius that we are still unraveling to this day.

Somehow, though, the Sex Pistols story is always about the clothes, the politics, the artwork, the controversy and the management- the music has been removed from the narrative.

The loose abandon of guitars piling on their wall of sound insanity is unsurpassed as Steve Jones makes the greatest rock guitar sound in the history of rock n roll.

The actual sound that the pair of them makes is a stunning understanding of the power "Mark jones wall of sound wife sexual dysfunction" fury of what the band was about and Mark jones wall of sound wife sexual dysfunction all the Situationist stuff was of little interest to them they somehow matched its intent with their sonic assault.

These days the big spreads on punk history are built around the Clash and whilst we love the Clash, the story has to be put right, because, surely it was the Sex Pistols that were the key band from punk. The Pistols started it, they were the catalyst for the generation and changed us all and opened the door to a million possibilities. This is a controversial opinion.

Day In The Life: Mark...

Many dismiss the music. His claim was the he could take any four people and make them have the same impact. Far from being an added soundtrack to loads of controversy this is a breakthrough rock n roll record on every level. Steve Jones guitar is a sonic masterpiece. This is how a rock guitar should sound- fat and brutal and deliciously heavy. I remember listening to the album decades ago in an altered state and Jones guitar sounded like fire from hell.

There are riffs piling up and unusual quirky guitar licks mixed in with the Stooges and Dolls riffola. One of the great myths about punk was how it was really easy to play, that might have been true with the Ramones whose songs were Mark jones wall of sound wife sexual dysfunction too difficult to figure out, but the Pistols churning maelstrom was complex in its brilliance and took some thinking out to recreate.

One of the key questions is whether the Sex Pistols Mark jones wall of sound wife sexual dysfunction a punk band at all because they were like no-one else. They certainly had their own sound. For a start they did not speed up after the famous Ramones gig in London at the Roundhouse on July 4thmaybe that was because they were playing in Sheffield the same night with the Clash who were making their own debut, supporting them.

The Pistols were certainly there the following night for the Ramones first headline UK show at Dingwalls when they were famously involved in the Stranglers versus Clash kick off in the car park.

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