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Basketball plays offense against man to man sexual harassment


Nicole Stamp is a director, actor, and television host living in Toronto. Follow her at nicolestamp. The views expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author. CNN On Sunday, the Internet was suddenly flooded with MeToo, as women of all ages and backgrounds shared achingly painful stories of sexual harassment and assault.

Nicole Stamp's list of how...

And among those posts, I heard my male friends -- good, decent men -- asking: How can I help? Join us on Twitter and Facebook.

Stars Screen Binge Culture Media. Tech Innovate Gadget Mission: Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. Jennifer Lawrence shares sex harassment story Story highlights Nicole Stamp: Decent men can do many things to improve the climate for women Here's what good men can do in the wake of MeToo, she writes.

The next day, I wrote an essay on Facebook to answer these decent men. By Friday, it had been shared nearly 70, times. Here's a summary of my essay, which describes concrete ways that men -- in fact, people of any gender -- can help improve the climate for the women around them.

Read and follow feminist writers. There are so many; follow a few.

Even if you find a topic "exhausting" or "too angry," try to put aside that discomfort and keep reading anyway. A telltale sign of privilege is being able to ignore a system that benefits some while it harms others. If you're sharing an article about a social issue -- especially a sexism issue -- find one written by a woman.

Same goes for other groups: A great rule of thumb when seeking commentary is the classic revolutionary slogan: Anita Hill speaks on Weinstein, Trump scandals Amplify women's voices at work. If a woman's contributions are being dismissed, interrupted or claimed by othersspeak up.

Be mindful of how you introduce womenparticularly at work functions. Don't mention appearance when introducing female colleagues: Weinstein's fall grew from rage over Trump. Don't call her sweetie. With colleagues and strangers, avoid diminutive nicknames like hon, baby, darling, girl, young lady or kiddo. It's condescending to use pet-names at work. Using preferred names shows respect. During sex, seek enthusiastic consent. Revise your idea of consent. The old model is, essentially, "go for it, until someone yells stop".

But having a history of traumalike, say, a MeToo story can actually Basketball plays offense against man to man sexual harassment people to freeze up in response to stress.

Bucs' JPP on playing Giants:...

This makes it difficult for them to say "no," even when they want to stop. So keep in mind that no means no Instead of charging ahead until you hear "no," pay attention and proceed only when you receive a clear "yes. Harvey Weinstein is a symptom, but what is the deeper problem? Don't use gendered or misogynist insults. Words like bitch, cunt, or slut only target women. Sissy, fairy and cuck demean feminine traits as lesser, weak, and undesirable in men.