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I love sexting


I looked down at my fluffy socks, my tracksuit pants and slightly over-sized soccer jersey.

I was certain that this is definitely not the image he had in mind when he sent the message. What are you up to?

There are many variations of the appropriate response, and being an extrovert who is very fond of her mobile phone, I thought I had seen them all. It was an image of something being stroked, just not a puppy. There, in all its glory, staring back at me, was the rather excited male appendage.

Standing tall and proud, it seemed to wink at me. This ritual was repeated a few times, until my phoned vibrated again, not with excitement, but because I tend to keep my phone on silent.


What do I think?! How do you even respond to I love sexting Having said that, was it really nice to be exposed to such an eye full with no forewarning?

I certainly did not want to encourage the obviously misguided male into thinking this was something pleasant to receive on my screen from a practical stranger.

I certainly was wowed, but probably not in the way he wanted me to be. A question I could answer with no hesitation at all.

Sexting has become just as...

Absolutely I love sexting, was my response. I was caught off guard by this exchange, usually by the time I have seen that much of a man, a meal has been shared, a conversation taken place, and last names exchanged.

Was this something common? Have I been so sheltered that I missed out on some sexting trend that preceded a verbal communication? The seductive pictures were meant to entice a sexy message exchange or a video chat with as little clothing as possible.

I, however, admired the economics of this arrangement. The misguided male continued to message me, to my relief without pictures, but the messages always led to the same question.

Most Helpful Girl

If sending sexy pics to your partner creates more intimacy or keeps the passion going I am all for it. If you are separated from your partner and intimate messages, pictures and videos make you feel closer to I love sexting other, and make the days that you are apart pass quicker, enjoy it. The difference is that the physical intimacy has already been created, trust has been earned and the chemistry built on real, physical experiences between the two of you.

This new trend I was struggling to wrap my mind around.

For a short-term hookup, sexting...

In an effort to put my new I love sexting knowledge to the test, I decided to inquire whether the misguided male was in fact involved I love sexting someone.

Is that a problem? It was a big problem for me, and I gently made that point. This was not to be the end of my sexting etiquette education though. It seems that the practice is deemed acceptable if no one will know about it, and there are even apps that leave no evidence trail of the messages exchanged. I felt pity for the unsuspecting girl. Was the sexting generation leading to a cheating generation? Cheating websites would no longer be necessary, this is convenience at your finger tips, or the palm of your hand.

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