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Sexually suggestive 2-3 word rhymes


Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Rhyme, Rhythm, and Reason in Poetry: A Sexually suggestive 2-3 word rhymes Analysis 3rd Draft.

Cabrera 25 October Editor: Tolentino This paper organizes traditional and modern literary standards and values into objective assessment matrices to establish frameworks for examining contemporary masterpiece poetry within the contexts of the changing roles of literary consumers as well as those of arbiters of literary taste.

Abstract Poetry, as a collection of words and phrases, continue to tug at heartstrings and elicit a whole range of emotions from readers since olden times until this age of groundbreaking technologies and communication structures.

While styles, forms, and structures, as well as technologies, societies, and literary genres Sexually suggestive 2-3 word rhymes evolved over time, there are poems that have stood the test of time and are regarded as classics or masterpieces.

This paper lays groundwork for research in literary analysis by fusing traditional literary standards with modern metrics to examine contemporary literary poetry. A trichotomic approach focuses on rhyme, rhythm, and reason as evaluation metrics for analysis of contemporary poetry in the most popular songs.

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At least seven 7 assessment matrices with instructions for use are presented. These matrices can help future Sexually suggestive 2-3 word rhymes explore fields such as sociological and consumer trends as well as contemporary literary theory. This paper is organized in three chapters.

Chapter 2 Procedures presents the steps to formulating research questions, text sampling, and statistical analysis of poetry forms, cognitive elements, textual affects and effects. Definitions of literary terms are designed as assessment tools, each containing links to definitions of key terms.

As well, procedures for digital text sampling, digital text reformatting, tabulation and labeling are detailed.

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Table of Contents Abstract Masterpieces in Poetry i 3. Masterpieces in Poetry ii List of Tables Table 1: Variables of Outstanding Artifacts Three Traits of Literary Masterpieces Production Elements of Literary Masterpieces Development Timeline of Western Poetry Types of Poetic Rhythm Feet Types of Poetic Meter Types of Poetic Meter Schemes Elements of Intext Affect Scoring Intext Affect Elements Elements of Intext Cognition Elements of Context Cognition Elements of Intertext Cognition Titles of Poetic Text Masterpieces in Poetry iii Table Sexually suggestive 2-3 word rhymes in Poetry iv Table Masterpieces in Poetry Chapter 1: In olden times, masterpieces of poetry were identifiable because they were the most quoted, used, and parodied.

Much time has passed since then, with dramatic changes in technology, governance, and communication. Today, the poems that are most quoted, used, imitated, or parodied are lyrics of the most popular songs.

In other words, the poems that were masterpieces of their day are not the poetry masterpieces of today. For instance, classical poems were the best of their kind, with no precedents to serve as standards of comparison.

Their popularity was geographically limited and their worldwide popularity followed many historical epochs later. Moreover, contemporary poetry, which does not depict classical sensibilities and contexts, are still being judged according to classical standards. For instance, while the Nobel Prize for literature is an example of expert validation of contemporary poetry, there "Sexually suggestive 2-3 word rhymes" no popular arbitration.

However, the literary standards for identifying masterpiece poetry appear to be the same. For instance, this paper focuses on poetic craftsmanship, which includes the depiction Sexually suggestive 2-3 word rhymes affect via rhyme and rhythm, as well as text-based cognitive elements such as allusion and insight. One significant Sexually suggestive 2-3 word rhymes challenge is that there seems to be no clearly articulated standards for identifying masterpiece elements in poetry, whether classical or contemporary.

This paper aims to address these knowledge gaps by exploring the elements that contribute to and constitute the concept of a literary masterpiece which, in related literature, is defined in various ways and in various degrees of clarity and coherence.

It seems that, in those periods when societies and technologies are relatively stable, with little change over long periods of time, artifacts became masterpieces by dint of repetition and reputation. In times of rapid changes, masterpieces are artifacts the best meet changing needs 1 At times, even after its range of utility has diminished. First, a skill or a product is produced, either by craft, by practice, or by circumstance production.

Then gatekeepers in a society recognize its excellence either by comparison, by contrast, or by testing arbitration. To reprise, a masterpiece is a social product that is the best of its kind "Sexually suggestive 2-3 word rhymes" meeting the needs of its time. Whether the term is applied to a skill or a product; whether the times are stable or change rapidly, the idea of remains the same: To summarize, a masterpiece is created through a three-stage process: Individual needs get more attention and importance than before.

In addition, this is also a time when concepts of mass distribution and standardization for global effectiveness dominate production. Masterpieces in Poetry When the processes of literature production and distribution are transferred to increasingly larger populations of media creators and consumers, individual arbiters gradually become mere validators of popular opinion.

Likewise, literary forms are changing. For instance, from an oral tradition, the most popular forms of poetry today are those in songs. The minor arbiters are recording studio Sexually suggestive 2-3 word rhymes, disc jockeys, and webmasters while the major arbiters are fans, downloaders, and audiences. The following framework illustrates this. Three Traits of Literary Masterpieces 1. Sound, assonance, dissonance, cacophony, etc. Types of poetic feet; Types of poetic meters, etc.

Creating Reason phrases selected for meaning e. Meanings created by individual words Contextual Reason Quantifiable: Meanings created by phrases Intertextual Reason Quantifiable: Meanings created by a literary piece Evidence of widespread use of a specific piece of literature over a long and measurable 2.

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