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Ludwig ii of bavaria homosexual rights

Paul von Thurn und Taxis,...

To fill out this checklist, please add the following code to the template call:. Second, he funded the construction of his famous fairy-tale castles from his family's private property, not from the state budget. Ironically, despite nearly bankrupting Bavaria with his construction projects, the palaces have now turned into profitable tourist attractions. Well, I only remembered having read it somewhere the first way. So, Krupo, are you sure about your variant?

I recently visited Neuschwanstein and Herrenchiemsee and I was informed by the tour guides that the people of Bavaria hated Ludwig for draining the national funds to build his castles. Construction of his castles halted on his death day because absolutely no one wished to continue pouring money into seemingly pointless and overly opulent "Ludwig ii of bavaria homosexual rights." The statement, "Second, Ludwig funded the construction of his famous castles with his personal income, not from the state budget," should either be cited or altered.

It is even suggested that he brought the country to the edge of bankruptcy. However, the true facts are such that the King only used money from his own privy purse that is, from his own personal fortune and from the Civil List his 'salary' as Monarch of a country.

Funding of Castle Construction[edit]. So,...

As this money was not always sufficient, Ludwig II. This was added by the same anon who wrote the above paragraph. The web references don't seem to support this conspiracy theory and the name Washington does not appear in the German Wikipedia.

Let's get some more documentation before we restore this. I just checked the talk page in the German wikipedias and it does have the name Washington on it several times. My german isn't good enough to tell what it says without a lot of time Ludwig ii of bavaria homosexual rights a dictionary.

Lieutenant-Colonel Baron von Washington was an aide-de-camp who was among the delegation sent from Munich to Hohenschwangau on 8 June to take King Ludwig into custody. The others in the delegation were Baron Krafft von Crailsheim minister of the royal house and of foreign affairs, and a joint legal guardian appointed for the kingCount Maximilian von Holnstein, Baron R.

Gudden after they drowned. He is known to have made the King's pocketwatch, which suggested a problematic time of death, "disappear". I amg changing it to that, all in quotes. Non-substance related addiction and social phobia: Must we be so coy? Or does all of Bavaria revert it if we put that in? Saying that Ludwig ii of bavaria homosexual rights loved someone back then could mean something totally different than it does now.

Totally true the oldest homophobic chestnutbut a facile argument.

Reinventing the Bavarian Myth

The verbal expression of human sexual desire remains a constant. See similar letters from known sexually active same sex lovers of the period. It is not homophobic to remove unvalidated material. Please cite your sources.

Engleham - I do not wish to get into an edit war here. Please cite your sources or I will revert it back again.

If you have no sources, please say so. Otherwise, it will be a simple thing to put them in. Why don't you practise the courtesy of doing some basic historical reading first? No, that might be too much to expect!

Absolutely NO biography of Ludwig published in English by a reputable historian in the last 50 years disputes he struggled with homosexuality. See for example The Swan King: Indeed, you can do a word search within in the text of the first one I've mentioned on Amazon for 'homosexual' and read the references if you're so bone ignorant. The "Ludwig ii of bavaria homosexual rights" people disputing Ludwig's homosexuality are a minority of whacked out German royalists for whom he remains a hero who can't be "sullied with the taint of unnatural desire".

"Ludwig ii of bavaria homosexual rights" suggest you all work out some agreement here before making any more changes to the article.

Repeatedly reverting each other doesn't go anywhere and will just get people blocked. Let me point out that the three-revert rule is not a license to revert three times in every twenty-four hours. Tom Harrison Talk I cite the sources see aboveand then you state "Not everyone who comes to wikipedia has read those books".

Let me try this again for the final time: Go to this link: McIntosh himself cites other sources. I've previously listed specific textural references but they've been deleted. What Ludwig ii of bavaria homosexual rights am reverting is a suitably qualified reference to his homosexuality -- that any mention of such is being aggressively deleted here when the fact is so thoroughly supported by reputable historians is merely shameful and reprehensible bigotry.

A friend is inserting a footnoted reference. If this is reverted, I shall presume there is no further point in making rational discussion, and shall post details of this dispute for the users of the net's leading gay message board so they can take it over, which I'm sure they'll delight in. And this is for Dietmar: If you're going to delete references to Ludwig's homosexuality and make ridiculous arguments that he was straight, I suggest you do it on the German version of Wikipedia, as your command of English is so poor you're only making yourself a comic figure here.

So if I was you, before worrying about Ludwig, I'd worry about your own education.

Ludwig II was King of...

No need to thank me, you're welcome. Is the word "struggled" appropriate in describing Ludwigs possible homosexuality as in "he struggled with homosexuality". While he may of been ashamed of it to me it sounds a tad judgemental as if homosexuality is a disease that one struggles with such as cancer. I've just done some general revision that involved cleaning up some awkward grammar and phrasing, moving or removing sentences that didn't flow properly, fixing some names and Wiki links, and rewriting material that appeared to be plagiarized from other sources.

Gay King Ludwig. Ludwig II...

I've also added a few lines about alternate theories for the cause of Ludwig's death. Ludwig ii of bavaria homosexual rights think it's best not to get into too much detail or appear to give more weight to one theory over another, but as his mysterious death is an important part of Ludwig's continuing appeal I think the subject merits mention.

The translation of Ludwig's proclamation was a bit clunky, so I revised it using the text of the same quote on the German Wiki as the original hopefully that text is, at least, accurate.

I've added a little info about the final resting place of Ludwig's heart as opposed to the rest of his body to this section.

Since I posted the above, I see we're bordering on three-revert rule violation again. Everyone, knock it off. Dietmar, your changes are no good and should not remain part of the article.

The phrase "Since it exists a diary" is not proper English grammar. It also is not NPOV to say that people are searching in vain for proof. The article does not claim that Ludwig ever actually had sex with anyone, so why insist that there is no proof that he did?

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