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Nottwil switzerland paraplegic sexual health


Libido — the desire for sexuality Libido is the desire for and pleasure in sexuality. In men, it depends on a certain amount of the sexual hormone testosterone and in women, the hormone oxytocin plays an important role. Libido is triggered through the senses, e. People with spinal cord injury may have as much desire as people without SCI since the above mentioned factors, except for sensitivity, are hardly influenced.

Depression or medication against depression antidepressantspain medication opiates, neurolepticaspasticity reducing medication diazepamand for women the birth control pill, may reduce libido. Touching can no longer be sensed or is sensed differently on certain body "Nottwil switzerland paraplegic sexual health" below the lesion level.

This may be experienced by the person affected as a big loss. Unfortunately, there is no therapy for this issue so far. There are, however, possibilities to partially compensate for these deficits and limitations of sensitivity of the sexual organs. So far unknown erogenous zones may develop or be discovered, for example on the nape of the neck or behind the ear. Furthermore it is possible to stimulate Nottwil switzerland paraplegic sexual health sensory organs that are intact even more, e.

Facial and body oils, balsams and also essences for a fragrance lamp or candles can pamper the olfactory sense. Oysters, caviar, truffles, tomatoes, asparagus, coconuts, hazelnuts or a bit of grated nutmeg are said to have an aphrodisiac effect. Add figs, chocolate, strawberries, cinnamon or bananas to make sensual moments even sweeter.

People with disabilities may learn that sexuality can be a most pleasurable and delightful experience, also without all the body functions working properly. Positions Various positions for making love can also be Nottwil switzerland paraplegic sexual health by people with SCI.

Variation increases libido as well as pleasure and allows for different kinds of touching and sensing. The more open and direct everybody involves, the more pleasurable the encounter will be. The partner can help stabilizing a certain position; often it is enough to just give a little bit of support to change position. Also ramps and cushions, positioned under the woman's hip for example, or straps that are attached to the ceiling are useful aids.

The specific design of the seat allows moving it Nottwil switzerland paraplegic sexual health very little pushing effort causing your pelvis to move for easy thrusting during sex. The bench helps to position the partner in an optimal height. Prerequisites for sexuality Being able to relax and overcome uncertainty or fear — one's own or the partner's — is a pre-condition for a fulfilling sex life.

Handling fear productively makes it possible to experiment, to be curious and open for pleasurably experiences. This may refer to one's physical condition, the position in which you feel comfortable and attractive or the kind of stimulation one whishes for.

It is possible to experiment with the surrounding, decoration, room temperature and lighting Nottwil switzerland paraplegic sexual health necessary aids. Another important pre-condition may be an informative conversation with the Nottwil switzerland paraplegic sexual health. People with SCI need to learn to take factors and conditions into account that were not important or were ignored before the injury. Being aware of your own needs, being able to deal with them and to stand up for them may be an enhancing step towards a fulfilled sex life.

Fear may decrease libido The changed situation after SCI may cause fear in the first place: This may be experienced as exhausting or not pleasurable for everybody involved. On a permanent basis, this may cause loss of interest in sexuality. Therefore people with SCI, their partners and the whole rehabilitation team of professionals need to be informed about the problems.

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This is the only way to address and discuss fears and search for solutions. If these problems are not addressed, they are being made a taboo. Fear of incontinence Managing bladder and bowel functions is very important.

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