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Shaykh abdallah adhami homosexuality and christianity


All Imams are heavily brainwashed morons and they truly believe barbaric Sharia laws are just and all the violent deeds and dirty perversions of Mohammed are worth practicing. All this scrap will be drilled in to their minds right from childhood.

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This violent and pervert cult belief system that got created for committing heinous crimes against humanity, ironically, is termed as supremacist — the best religion. This is the key to understand why the morons have the irresistible urge to say that Sharia is great.

Abdallah Adhami, 44, was appointed...

It is a big riddle for them to understand why infidels detest Islam when so much is great in Islam in a crystal clear manner. Every brainwashed Muslim suffers with this delusional thinking.

In reality, it is beyond their mental capabilities to understand that the whole thing is from a pervert charlatan and Sharia is essentially childish, unjust and dangerous. The selected Imams will be drilled to practice taqiyya; they try their level best, but, cannot overcome the temptation of succumbing to the supremacist belief deeply embedded in their psyche.

The organizers must find an accomplished outright liar like Mr. Obama to do their bidding. But, finding such a person among Imams is like searching a needle in a hay stack. The heavily embedded supremacist culture overpowers their desperate efforts to practice Taqiyya.

He was forced to step Shaykh abdallah adhami homosexuality and christianity because of his views on homosexuality? What an excellent idea! Then they could get points with the Americans with Disabilities Act and provide meaningful community service time for his crime.

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WOW, so his views that he supports another Imam linked the first world trade center bombings is overlooked. But his stance against homosexuality is a no go zone.

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I guess if OJ Simpson can get away with Murdering two people but go to prison for several years for trying to steal back his own sports memorabilia then anything is possible in the United States. Hamid was interviewed by Brother Rashid in Daring Question. Hamid explains his approach to the Qur'an and Islamic reform.

Here's an excerpt of the blog post: Does this mean, asked Rashid, that you are a Qurani, a "Quran-only Muslim"?

Tawfiq replied he did not follow their ideology because of the Quranic verse "those who listen to the Word and follow that which is good are guided by God and given understanding" Quran I accept what is good in any text. My only criterion is that it not contradict the Quran. That Hadith contradicts the plain teaching of the Quran.

It is something that Muhammad said. Even if the scholars agree this is true, do you still refuse it? There is always room for human error in the Sanad, and just because the scholars agree that Muhammad said something it does not necessarily make it true. The Quran tells us Shaykh abdallah adhami homosexuality and christianity to think that we are above mistakes Quran The Ulama are great scholars, but they can still make mistakes. I am not denying anything the Prophet actually said, and I am not even questioning the integrity of the Ulama.

I am simply stating there is always room for human error.

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