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Weird marriage traditions


Marriage traditions, much like other traditions, not only differ from places to places across the globe but can also stun you with its absurdity. Different couples decide to make their D-Day special in different ways. While some decide to make it quirky, there are others who stick to a traditional wedding.

So, are their stories interesting too? If you think your parents are nosy, then,you must read about this tradition. In some villages in Africa, it is a custom for an older woman to accompany the newlyweds into their bedroom on the first night.

Yes, Weird marriage traditions read that right! A woman accompanies so that she can show the bride the ropes on how to do it! Although this is usually a village elder, sometimes, it can also be the brides mother.

The Yugurs an ethnic Chinese minority have a very scary tradition of the groom shooting the bride right before the wedding. The groom is required to aim and shoot at the bride three times with a blunt arrow. Once the deed is done, he has to collect the arrows and break them, in a way, ensuring that they will not harm each other, ever.

Some wedding traditions can seem...

Even though there are missing arrowheads, getting shot at might still hurt as hell. Whale of a wife: In Fiji, the gifting of tabua a whale tooth is a traditional ceremony.

31 Really Weird Marriage Customs...

It is given as a symbol of marriage or as a payment for the bride. Traditionally, this was done by just the chiefs and other renowned individuals, but, even today, they continue to be valued by Fijians.

Top ten weird and wonderful...

Weird marriage traditions Forget about the black market for a second. Laying your hands on it and extracting it from the mouth of the largest mammal on earth has to be true love.

Take the example of Gretna Green in Scotland. It became a popular elopement spot for couples who were too young to get married in the UK. How does this work? In Scotland, if you "Weird marriage traditions" above the age of 18, you can get married without parental consent. No more spitting, please: And, while walking to her new home, she is not allowed to look back as it is believed that the bride will turn to stone if she does. Would you like to be spit on, on your wedding day?

On the Marquesas Islands of French Polynesia, after the wedding is over, the relatives of the bride are required to lay side by side and face down in the dirt. The bride and groom are then expected to Weird marriage traditions over them like some sort of a human rug. Who would volunteer for that? As nasty as it gets: We say nasty because it involves the bride and groom being pelted with food trash, including rotten eggs, Weird marriage traditions milk, sauce and fish.

The Scots believe that if a Weird marriage traditions can withstand this, then they can handle everything else in life together. Our only advice, steer clear of your crummiest friends. Cry your eyes out: The Tujian ethnic minority of China have this weird tradition where the bride-to-be is required to start weeping a month before her wedding for one hour, every single day!

For instance, 10 days into the ordeal the mom joins and 20 days later the grandmother does the same.

A very wet song, we say. Back in the days of slavery, black newlyweds were required to jump over a broom.

It symbolised that the couple was moving forward in their new lives. Though out of practice, some couples still participate in this tradition. Time for some riddles: In Assam, when a groom comes to get his bride, he must answer riddles and break through an aggressive wall of her relatives and friends. Forget about the wedding, Indonesians are a step ahead on the crazy-metre when it comes Weird marriage traditions honeymoons.

According to the tradition, honeymooners are house- bound for three days and nights following the wedding. This house Weird marriage traditions is believed to produce a happy marriage full of healthy babies. According to this tradition, a man who manages to abduct the woman he wants to marry either by force or consent and keep her by his side for at least days, will be declared as his wife, provided she puts on a scarf of a married woman as a sign of acceptance.

In South Korea, there is a custom that requires the groom to patiently bear the discomfort of having his ankles tied together and getting a good thrashing. Are we seriously missing something here? Why cut down trees: In some parts of India, Weird marriage traditions born as Mangliks an astrological phenomenon are thought to be cursed and likely to cause their husband an early death.

To ensure a long life for the husband, Manglik women are required to marry a tree first and then have the tree cut down.

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