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Violinist balabhaskar wife sexual dysfunction


Violinist Balabhaskar passed away on Tuesday morning. The violin is often called one of the toughest string instruments to master.

It takes years of meticulous and painstaking practice, learning to glide the bow at the right angles across the strings to reach the right octaves. Since my childhood, for some reason, I have always been enamoured by the violin. Or even, as fictional detective Sherlock Holmes says: I used to stand and listen until it dies away. In 12 years of my school life, I Violinist balabhaskar wife sexual dysfunction to change four schools due to personal reasons between Kolkata and Kerala, which meant I never actually got to sit down with a guru and learn the violin.

Years later, it was while I was working in Delhi that I happened to notice a school giving violin classes, a few hundred metres from where I stayed. Without thinking twice, I enrolled myself for classes where I was taught by an accomplished teacher how to play the instrument in Hindustani classical music. All through these years, I was always taught by my guru to surrender myself to the violin, to be humble and above all, to be extraordinarily patient.

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I always believed there was no one who could completely, per cent, master the violin. Until, a young man, just 12 years elder to me, proved me wrong.

The man was Balabhaskar Chandran, a young prodigy who wove magical music with the violin. Born into a musically-affluent middle-class family, Balabhaskar was brought into the violin scene at the tender age of three by his uncle B Sasikumar, a veteran musician himself.

By the time he Violinist balabhaskar wife sexual dysfunction 12, he was good enough to start performing on stage and at the age of 17, when most kids are clueless about their careers, Balabhaskar had become the youngest music composer in the Malayalam film industry. Today, Balabhaskar is no more. He passed away early Tuesday as the result of a cardiac arrest at a private hospital in Thiruvananthapuram where he was admitted last week after being critically-injured in a car accident.

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