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Sexual health educator job description


Sexual health educator job description Health Education is about a lot more than preventing unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. Everyone has the right to access sexual health education relevant to their needs, and that helps promote a happy, healthy and safe sexual life.

Sexual health is fundamental to the physical and emotional health and well-being of individuals, couples and families. When viewed positively, sexual health encompasses the rights of all persons to have the knowledge and opportunity to pursue a safe and pleasurable sexual life. However, "Sexual health educator job description" ability of men and women to achieve sexual health and well-being depends on their access to comprehensive information about sexuality, knowledge about the risks they face, their vulnerability to the adverse consequences of sexual activity, their access to good-quality sexual health care, and an environment that affirms and promotes sexual health.

The relationship between education level and sexual health outcomes has been well documented. Sexual health education can be defined as the process of equipping individuals, couples, families and communities with this information, and the motivation and behavioural skills needed to enhance sexual health and avoid negative health outcomes.

Anyone who provides sexual health education and health promotion in a professional capacity — teachers, counselors, health care providers — could be considered a sexual health educator.

However, there is only one program in Canada that both trains and certifies individuals to deliver comprehensive sexual health education, which is offered through Options for Sexual Health. Options for Sexual Health is committed to increasing the number of well-qualified sexual health educators in the province as part of its campaign to improve the quality of school, adult, parent and professional sexual health education.

For more information about Opt, check out their website at www.

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