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Nea today title ix sexual harassment


In an Ohio high school last year, four boys forced a year-old girl into a school storage closet and sexually assaulted her. In an Indiana middle school, six girls charged a classmate with groping their breasts and buttocks; choking, smacking, and slapping them.

In the past six months,...

Inshe was raped by a high school classmate—a boy who had previously been disciplined for sexual misconduct when he was in middle school—on a multi-day school field trip.

The rape occurred in the presence of other students. While occasions of adult-on-child sexual assaults on school property claim headlines—and rightfully so—the problem of student-on-student sexual attacks is much more common. For every adult-on-child sexual assault, there were seven such assaults by students, according to an Associated Press AP analysis of federal crime data. Schools must take the initiative to eliminate sexual harassment and assault, first by acknowledging that these problems exist and then by tackling the problem in curriculum, policy, and the very fabric of school culture and community.

From toabout 17, sexual assaults were committed by U. About 5 percent of the victims AP reported on were 5- and 6-year-olds. The younger the victim, the more devastating the impact, and the greater the vulnerability to repeated assault.

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